Some picnics, such as company parties, reunions and anniversary celebrations, are just too big to fit everyone’s food into a little wicker basket. Fortunately, at Buca di Beppo, finding creative ways to accommodate (and feed) a crowd is one of our specialties! Rich, authentic Italian food may seem like a far-cry from typical picnic fare. You won’t find anything sandwiched between slices of white bread on our catering menu. But if you’re looking to serve something unexpected and surprisingly refreshing at your large-scale picnic this summer, look no further than the Buca di Beppo catering menu.  

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Family Reunion

At Buca, family is a part of everything we do. We base all of our recipes off traditional Italian family favorites. We seat our guests at comfortable family tables and serve family-style portions. We even incorporate quirky family photos into our restaurants’ décor along with vintage posters, café lights and other Mediterranean paraphernalia. We know families and we especially know what families like to eat. Our intense family focus makes us a great choice for a family reunion dinner out!    

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We love three-day weekends! Especially when they’re the kind of three-day weekends that give us all time to spend time with friends and family while we celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country in the military. Of course, we’re talking about Memorial Day!

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Gifts for Moms, Dads & Grads


 Mom Dad Grad Preview

Most people think of the holiday season as November and December but May and June are pretty eventful months, too! With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduations for all kinds of students on our calendars, finding the right gifts for everyone you celebrate during the summer can feel like a full-time job if you overcomplicate it. Buca di Beppo makes it simple with gift cards, electronic gift cards and that special Italian flair for celebration you’ve come to know and recognize!  

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All students, from kindergarteners to PhD candidates, need to let off some steam at the end of the year. After a year of studying and practicing (and arts-and-crafting in the kindergarteners’ case), a hearty Italian meal is exactly what they need to fuel up for summer fun! An End of the School Year Party is an opportunity for kids and young adults to see their classmates altogether one last time and reflect on their accomplishments before everyone goes off on separate summer adventures. If you’re looking for a capable caterer or a great pre-summer party venue, consider Buca di Beppo for all your catering and banquet hosting needs.  

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Family Reunion Catering

If you’re housing out-of-town family members for a reunion or some other mid-year occasion, chances are you’re already working hard to keep everybody comfortable and entertained. You shouldn’t be expected to provide three square meals a day, too! Then again, even if you aren’t running a little “bed and breakfast” for your extended family, opting to cater a reunion dinner rather than cook one will give everyone more time to spend enjoying each other’s company.

Book Buca to Cater Your Family Reunion.

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Sometimes, the most exciting part of the work day is lunch… especially when that lunch consists of a trip to Buca di Beppo! Whether you and your co-workers just can’t decide where to eat today or you’ve got to entertain some customers for the afternoon, at Buca de Beppo Italian Restaurant, we turn business luncheons into exciting, appetizing events.

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School’s out for summer! Well, almost, anyway, and the students aren’t the only ones who are about to put another year of hard work behind them. If your child is tired of waking up early and grueling end-of-the-year test taking, just imagine how the teachers must feel! Teaching is a demanding and often underappreciated profession so before students and teachers part ways for good this year, why not show those awesome educators you care with a Buca gift card or a specially planned event at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant?  

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15-BDB Corporate-0105 - Buca - Q1 Blog March9

Stateside, we celebrate Father’s Day in June. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21, to be exact, but In Italy as well as Spain and Portugal fathers are honored on Saint Joseph's Day. Saint Joseph Day occurs on March 19 or March 20 depending on when Palm Sunday is. It is the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary. The feast always falls during the season of Lent meaning it’s traditionally a day of abstinence for Catholic Italians. When it comes to food, Saint Joseph Day tables are typically covered with meatless dishes. By no means does this make the meals boring, however. Overseas, a real Saint Joseph’s Day meal isn’t complete without a round of cookies or zeppole which are like little Italian donuts. Savory dishes often feature a yummy topping made of bread crumbs which symbolically stand for saw dust since Joseph was a carpenter. This year, consider taking a page from the Italians’ book and celebrating Father’s Day with some of these traditional dishes…

Celebrate Dad with an Italian Lunch or Dinner for Father's Day.  Reserve now!

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 15-BDB Corporate-0105 - Buca - Q1 Blog March5

With everything mothers do for their families, we think all moms deserve a two-week vacation in Italy! Of course, not all moms would be able to take that much time off from, well, being a mom. They can, however, take a trip to Italy for a day when they dine at Buca di Beppo !

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