Month: September 2017

  • The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner

    A new school year has begun and autumn officially begins this month, which means the holidays will be here before you know it! They may seem far away, but somehow time always goes a little faster this time of year. Start planning now and this year your busy holiday season will be a breeze!

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    Forget about spending days shopping and gathering ingredients for a variety of recipes, then working all day in your kitchen. This year, come to Buca, let Buca cater your Thanksgiving celebration, or grab Buca To-Go so everyone can enjoy spending more time together. Something to truly be thankful for!

    • Dine In: Come dine at your favorite Buca restaurant on November 23 and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal featuring: Sliced White Meat Turkey, Homestyle Gravy, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Spicy Italian Sausage Stuffing, Green Bean Blend, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Pie. Call your local Buca and make your reservations today!
    • Catering: Want us to bring your Thanksgiving meal to you? From November 15 until November 24 we can bring our traditional Thanksgiving meal to you in the sizes you need. Order a Half Pan (Serves up to 10) $199.99 ($19.99 per person), Full Pan (Serves up to 20) $379.99 ($18.99 per person), or several of each. We are also offering multiple add-on options to your Thanksgiving packages such as extra turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie! Catering can be pre-ordered by calling our catering and sales specialist at 877-955-2822.
    • To Go: From November 19 until November 24 you can grab your Thanksgiving meal To-Go! Choose from: Individual $22.99, Small (Serves 2-3) $68.99 ($22.99 per person), and Large (Serves 5-6) $134.99 ($22.49 per person) or order multiple sizes of each to suit the size of your party! You can even add-on extra turkey, stuffing or pumpkin pie! Call your local Buca and place your order today!

    Company Holiday Parties

    You might not like what you get in the holiday gift exchange, but you know you’ll love your catered meal from Buca. Celebrate with your department, your building, or the whole company. You bring your ugly sweater and Buca will bring everyone’s Italian favorites.

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    Home Holiday Parties

    Invite all of your friends and family for a fun holiday gathering at your home. Whether you’ve been doing it for years or you’re ready to start a new tradition, be sure to invite everyone’s favorite party guest—Buca!

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    School or Class Holiday Parties

    Before everyone’s holiday break, celebrate as a class or as a school by gathering for a banquet together at Buca. Teachers, students, and parents will love mingling and laughing while enjoying all their Buca favorites! Start planning your banquets and team events by calling 877-955-2822.

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    Busy Time of Year = Buca To Go

    Between parties, shopping for gifts, performances, and a million other activities during this busy time of year, there will be days that grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking a meal is just too much to think about. That’s when you simply grab Buca To Go! Place your order for a variety of your favorite Buca Small dish (serves 2-3) and Buca Large dish (serves up to 5), then pick them up on your way home or on your way to your next activity!

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  • Score at Your Next Football Tailgate with Buca Catering

    Cheering on your favorite football team really builds up a hunger! That’s why you need to invite the real MVP of the game to your next tailgate—Buca di Beppo! Our Celebration Packages are simple to order and simply delicious, or you can customize your menu to include the exact combination of salads, pastas, entrees, side dishes, and desserts you would like us to bring to your party! Our Half Party Pans feed up to 10 people and our Full Party Pans serve up to 20, meaning we can accommodate any size guest list. We recommend that you build your own custom catering package by combining Celebration Packages, Full Party Pans, Half Party Pans, drinks, and desserts. From the Caesar Salad to the Chocolate Chip Cannoli, we can provide a full menu of options to be sure no one leaves hungry. We even take care of all the details like complimentary house bread, serving spoons, plastic plates, utensils, and napkins for your guests, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

    Score a Touchdown With Your Tail Gate and Order Buca Catering Today!

    Tailgating at the field and stadium

    From local high school football fields to college and professional football stadiums, everyone enjoys snacking and mingling in the parking lot before hitting the stands. With Buca catering you’ll be the envy of every passerby. As a matter of fact, with food this good, you and your friends may never even enter the stadium!

    Party at your home

    Rather than paying big bucks for a ticket, packing up your car, and fighting traffic to the arena, you can also host a gathering in your own home. Kick off your shoes, hunker down in front of your flat-screen TV, and enjoy Buca catering with all of your friends and family this football season.

    At Buca di Beppo, our hassle-free catering options allow you to focus on cheering your team on to victory, not hovering over a grill or spending all your time in the kitchen. Buca di Beppo makes your catering experience as easy as possible and our experienced employees can accept orders online or by phone months, weeks or mere hours before an event begins! With one of the best reputations in catering, we will always work hard to provide your guests a delicious Italian meal and help make your event a success. Score major points with all of the guests at your next football tailgate. Call us at 877-955-2822 or order online here.

    Score a Touchdown With Your Tail Gate and Order Buca Catering Today!