After months of preparation and hard work, your child’s big day is almost here! Now it’s your turn to get busy and start planning where you want to celebrate this special occasion. As one of the top celebration-restaurant options, Buca di Beppo offers a child-friendly and fun atmosphere, an extensive menu that the whole family will love, and numerous budget-conscious First Communion party ideas. From a celebratory luncheon in one of our uniquely themed dining rooms to an intimate family dinner in our kitchen—Buca is the perfect venue to host a memorable First Communion party. 

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40 Eat For $40 Is Back!

Who’s hungry?! Buca is happy to announce that the popular 4 Eat for $40 meal deal is back – but only for a limited time. So grab your hungriest friends and head over to your neighborhood Buca to enjoy a delicious Italian pasta feast. We are featuring our seasonal favorite, Linguine & Clams with your choice of red or white sauce. Delizioso!

Sound tempting, but still need a little more information? Check out these four fantastic reasons why you absolutely must experience our popular 4 Eat for $40 meal deal while it lasts.

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Buca Hosts Bridal Showers in a Big Way

So you’re getting married – congratulations! This is such an exciting time, but we also understand it can be a little bit stressful with wedding preparations and parties to attend. Well, take a deep breath and let your best girlfriends (and Buca) throw you a big, fun-filled bridal shower. It’s your time to relax and shine! 

If you haven’t figured it out already, Italians are known for doing everything big— big parties, big families and big meals. No matter what the event, food and drink are always the main attraction. That’s why Buca has embraced this wonderful tradition, capturing Italy’s love for celebration in its décor and menu, so you can enjoy an authentic experience without leaving your hometown.


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 The Story of Joes Basement

The year is 1948….

The war is over. Giuseppe and his younger brother, Guistino, have moved to New York City from Castellamare, a village southeast of Naples in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius. They’ve been here for six months and live with their cousins in a crowded buca (basement) apartment on Mott street in Little Italy. Giuseppe is frequently called Joe now, but his best pals call him “Beppo.”

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Thanksgiving Dinner at Buca Di BeppoThis Thanksgiving Buca di Beppo alleviates the pressure of preparing the perfect meal by offering a feast to feed up to 20 guests starting at just $150.

Whether a Thanksgiving dinner with family, or a meal to power you up for Black Friday, Buca’s seasonal To-Go special includes classic Thanksgiving items with Italian twist!

To get out of the house and avoid the kitchen mess, Buca di Beppo locations will be open on Thanksgiving at 11:00 a.m.

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Baby Shower Party TipsA friend’s soon-to-be-here baby is such a happy excuse for the girls to get together!  And all it really takes to host a successful baby shower party is a little planning, yummy food and a cozy baby shower venue.

At Buca di Beppo, we consider ourselves the baby shower specialists!  Our party planners know all about baby shower favorites when it comes to gifts, food, games and themes -- and they’re happy to share! With our fun assortment of private and semi-private dining rooms, we’re one of the best places for a baby shower ever.  To help you host a baby shower to remember, here are a few tips from our pros.


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Buca di Beppo Event Planning TipsSo you want to throw a big bash where friends and family have a great time.  Where even YOU, as host or hostess, have a great time.  With a little event planning, clever thinking and some delegating, you can pull off an epic theme party with aplomb, have a blast and look great doing it!

First of all, put together a guest list.  If you’re planning an event for a large gathering, invite 20 percent more people than you want to attend. For one reason or another, only 70 to 80 percent of invitees will make an appearance.



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Luncheon Catering at Buca di BeppoThe holidays are a perfect time to lighten up and share fun with co-workers, but in the current financial climate many businesses are looking to save on entertainment expenses.  What’s an easy way to cut company party costs?  Have a holiday luncheon instead of a company dinner.

Ring in this year’s holidays with your office family under budget by bringing them fabulous food, enthusiastic good cheer and a long lunch from Buca di Beppo.  Whether your office party is onsite or at one of our festive restaurants with private rooms, Buca is your go to resource for to go menus AND eat-in delights.


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Company Parties at Buca di BeppoYour employees, colleagues, customers and clients have gone the distance with you all year.  After working so hard, it’s a good idea to have some fun together too -- just to balance things out.  And, to make sure everyone understands you’ve got a party in mind, that you aren’t planning to sneak work into the event, it’s vital that your office party NOT occur at the office.

The holidays are a great excuse for throwing a company party towards the end of the year.  Everyone can get to know each other better and build friendships as they share delicious food, stories and non-work-related info.  Your business will benefit from an office party as relationships improve all around, which definitely pays dividends in efficiency, profits and success.  But Buca di Beppo is an incredibly popular banquet facility, so reserve your party date now, before the rush.

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Team Building at Holiday Office Party.‘Tis the season to let others know you care.  You’re certain to remember loved ones this holiday, but what about those important people who help you earn your livelihood?  You don’t want to forget your colleagues, partners, clients and customers ― the folks who’ve made 2011 good and can make 2012 even better.

Taking them out for a holiday office party is a tried-and-true team building activity that lets the professionals in your life know they’re important to you.  But you don’t want to serve up the same old same old.  Invite them to Buca di Beppo for an unforgettable company dinner where they’ll enjoy incredible food, fun and festive surroundings, and award-winning service.

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