Dinner Party PreviewWhether you’re hosting the giant family reunion meal this summer or simply having a few friends over to sip cocktails and exchange gossip, Buca di Beppo can help. No matter the scale of your celebration, we’re guessing you want to create an experience that’s magical, memorable and fun… and not just for the guests. All too often, dinner party hosts get so caught up in creating an unforgettable experience, they forget to enjoy the moment once it arrives. The secret to enjoying your party as much as your guests is careful preparation. When the big day comes, you shouldn’t be rushing around, trying to cook, clean, decorate and communicate with your guests simultaneously. Following these tips will guarantee that your dinner party won’t pass you by!

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 Wines Preview v2Italian food is made for pairing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Italy is the number one producer of wine in the world. Maybe it’s because the pasta, cheese and fresh herbs so central to Italian cuisine just tend bring out the best in the grapes. Whatever it was that brought together vino and Italian food, we’re glad it did. The right wine can make an incredible Italian meal even more incredible. Likewise, the wrong wine can make a great meal taste off. That’s why having some basic knowledge of wine pairings can greatly enhance your next visit to Buca di Beppo! These are a few of our most loved couplings…      

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 Summer LTO PreviewIt’s believed that the basil plant originated somewhere in the Indian subcontinent. Indeed, the sweet and pungent leaf has found its way into many South and Southeast Asian cuisines – particularly Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese. The country that really adopted it into its kitchens and made it into a key ingredient in many national recipes, however, is Italy! From pesto to pizza, fresh basil has a role like no other herb in Italian cuisine. Since this herb plays such a prominent role in an Italian summer, we’re giving out FREE* packets of sweet basil seeds to our Buca di Beppo guests starting June 8, 2015.

We’re also featuring these small-but-mighty leaves in some of our limited-time-only summer dishes!

Make your reservation now and try these limited time Summer Specials!

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 Online Ordering Preview v2Pizza places aren’t the only companies able to take orders on the net! Online ordering through the Buca di Beppo website is a convenient and secure way to order to-go meals and catering services. Our Italian classics are the perfect carry out meal for a hungry crowd. Our menu offers a variety of authentic favorites prepared with the finest ingredients. All dishes are made family-style or in sizeable party pans meaning they’re meant for sharing and all takeaway orders come with fresh-baked house bread, disposable dinnerware and napkins.

From our homepage you should see an “Online Ordering” tab in the green bar at the top of the page. Go to it and you’ll see two online options: Buca To Go and Buca Catering. Selecting your location from the drop down menu under the type of order you want to make will lead you to an easy-to-use interactive menu. Ordering out has never been simpler!  

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 Buca Tour PreviewOn our website, users are able to take a virtual restaurant tour and get a good look at our unique dining rooms. At each one of our 95 locations, visitors are able to choose which one of these fabulous rooms they’d like to eat in. There’s a Poster Room, a Wine Room, a Pope Room and a special Chef’s Table!    

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 July4th PreviewThe Fourth should be a celebration of all our wonderful freedoms here in America, like the freedom to eat the foods we love! This year, declare your independence for Independence Day hot dogs and barbeque by enjoying a delicious meal from Buca di Beppo at your 1776-style party!

Our large Party Pans, available for pick-up, feed up to 20 hungry party-goers and our pre-set celebratory catering package offers our customers an affordable option for a multiple course catered meal. The basic package includes salad, two pasta entrée choices, homemade bread and free disposable plates and utensils. You could also build your own custom catering package with full trays, half trays, drinks and desserts. For the Fourth of July, we recommend a healthy combination of classic Italian-American dishes and unexpected summer delicacies!

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 Catering PreviewItalian is a natural cuisine choice when it comes time to feed a crowd! It’s colorful, flavorful, filling and we like to think it’s got a certain universal appeal. Have you seriously ever met someone who doesn’t like pasta? For all these reasons and more, you should consider putting Buca di Beppo in charge of the menu at your next catered shindig. Our standard celebratory package includes a salad, two huge pasta pans and a dessert pan, plus utensils and plates – enough food for a small army! As for which of our catering selections you should order, these five have proven to be some of our most popular and most beloved…

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 LVP Sangria Preview

Authentic sangria is made in Spain and Portugal – two of Italy’s closest neighbors, geographically and culturally speaking! It’s no wonder that a glass of this fruity elixir pairs deliciously with our menu of pastas, antipasti, salads and sides at Buca di Beppo! The refreshing summer beverage typically consists of wine, chopped fruits, juice or honey and a bit of brandy but LVP Sangria has simplified the drink by bottling two pre-made sangria recipes of their own. They’re both made with premium Spanish wines, they both contain with no added sugar and, as of this summer, they’re both available at Buca!

Come in an Enjoy Some Sangria With Us!


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 Weddings Preview

When selecting a catering company you want to choose people who have extensive experience creating magical events and, most importantly, magical food! If you are looking for excellent food, service and the ability to work with the enormity of the detail involved in your wedding day, Buca di Beppo has a wide variety of catering options for receptions of every size.

Here are a few of the key factors that you should discuss when meeting your wedding caterer for the first time…

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 Banquets Preview v1Thanks to our special private banquet rooms, our restaurants are always party-ready. Buca di Beppo is the perfect place if you are looking for a banquet-style venue that can accommodate any size group and has a menu diverse enough to please to everybody involved. Our family-friendly restaurants are the perfect backdrop to gather, unwind and enjoy a very delizioso meal. With platters of antipasti and pasta entrées meant to share and able to feed four or more, it’s easy to satisfy large parties at Buca di Beppo. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a personal achievement or perhaps some upcoming nuptials we have everything you need for an awesome event already in our restaurant!

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