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Where would we all be without administrative professionals? Without hardworking administrative professionals, large offices would be unable to conduct business at all, let alone effectively. Administrative teams work hard every day, scheduling meetings, procuring resources, fielding questions and managing all sorts of logistical issues. They’re a big part of what keeps many businesses running smoothly, yet much of their work can go unnoticed. Administrative Professionals Week is all about giving these workers the recognition they rightly deserve. One way to show your appreciation this year: treat your admin pros to an authentic Italian lunch out… Or, better yet, reserve one of our festive banquet halls in their honor!  

Celebrate your Administrative Professional in style!

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15-BDB Corporate-0105 - Buca - Q1 Blog Images5Finding the right location or restaurant to host your rehearsal dinner is almost as important as finding the perfect wedding venue. The rehearsal dinner is a time to get a little quirky and express some personality. It’s a time for forget about age-old wedding traditions and family expectations and let loose a bit. It’s an opportunity to share something special with your favorite guests and have a little “pre-party” before the big day. A rehearsal dinner that runs smoothly is always a good sign. With decades of event hosting experience, Buca di Beppo is an ideal rehearsal dinner venue or caterer choice. Whether you are looking to host your event in a banquet hall or in a smaller private room, we’re happy to accommodate you and your guests.

Book your rehearsal dinner with us now!

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basketball themed party

To basketball fans all over the country, March is the most important month of the year. It’s the month of collegiate basketball championship games! The best way to get into the sporting spirit is to throw a basketball themed Party. Have a viewing party in the comfort of your home or get everyone at work together to unwind and watch some basketball together. Just don’t forget the food!    

Make a slam dunk and book our catering today!

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Getting ready to host a large meal? Delicious, authentic Italian food goes great with every gathering! From family reunions and football parties to birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers, a feast of real Italian fare is sure to satisfy.

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New Menu Items Available


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Some things, like our commitment to serving authentic Italian cuisine in a fun, exciting atmosphere, never change. Our many tasty offerings, on the other hand, we don’t mind changing up every once in a while. What we’re trying to say is that we’ve got four delicious menu items debuting this month – the Warm Tomato & Spinach Salad, the Chicken Inferno, the Soffici Cuscini and the Penne al Forno. Starting Monday, February 9, you’ll be able to order any of these items at your neighborhood Buca!  

View the menu for your local Buca here!

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15-BDB Corporate-0105 - Buca - Q1 Blog Images9If nothing else, our many years of catering business luncheons and large corporate seminars have taught us one thing: the more well-fed your employees are, the better they work! A hungry worker is not a happy worker. Our authentic Italian cuisine is satisfying brain food which means its great fuel for productive brainstorming sessions and important presentations.  

Book your next business luncheon or corporate catering event with us!

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Italian cuisine has always been kind to vegetarians and, at Buca di Beppo, our dynamic menu full of Italian classics is no different. Traditionally, the people of Italy abstained from meat throughout Lent and Advent, not just on Ash Wednesday and Fridays. As a result of this cultural tradition, there’s now a nearly limitless variety of supremely tasty vegetarian and pescatarian dishes with distinctly Italian roots. Whether you never eat meat or you’re just abstaining in the weeks before Easter, we’ve got loads of delicious, meat-free options that are sure to leave you satisfied!  

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season, a time of penance, prayer and dietary restriction. From mid-February to Easter Sunday, many individuals abstaining from meat on Fridays struggle to find good veggie and seafood dishes that don’t skimp on taste and don’t leave them hungry. Well, meat eaters, it’s time to trade in the fish sticks for something a whole lot more mouth-watering – succulent salads and premium pastas from Buca di Beppo!  

Book with us now!

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Italian Traditions


15-BDB Corporate-0105 - Buca - Q1 Blog Images19Everything we do at Buca di Beppo comes from our love of Italian traditions. We believe that when it comes to core values, the Italians got ‘em right. For example, much like the French, Italians make food a top priority. How could you not when the country you live in has a climate ideally suited for growing olives, making wine and raising cattle? At Buca, we make food a top priority, too. But anyone with a smidge of Italian heritage can tell you that Italian traditions aren’t just about food. We choose to embrace all of Italy’s traditions, not just the epicurean ones. Three of the most important tenets of Italian tradition we’ve found outside of the kitchen are Family, Festivity and Regional Diversity.     

Join us for a family dinner tonight!   

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Baby Showers


14-BDB Corporate-0815 - Buca - Baby Shower Blog CreativeOh baby! Everybody loves a good baby shower game. Baby shower food, however, is frequently lacking the same zest, especially when it comes to the entrées. For a molto benne meal that’s flavorful and only prepared with the freshest of ingredients, let Buca di Beppo handle your next baby shower. After all, the mama will be eating for two!

Our restaurant is the perfect place if you are looking for a baby shower venue that can accommodate any size group and is sure to please everybody involved. It’s a wonderful place to order food for an intimate, in-home baby shower or gender reveal party. When there’s a baby on the way, everybody has enough to worry about without also having to think about feeding shower guests or opening their home to a large group of people.

Book your next baby shower with us here!

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We’re proud of all of our cuisine here at Buca di Beppo. Still, we tend to get extra excited about our limited-time-only items and, in February, that means clams! Much like pumpkin spice coffee and Mardi Gras king cake, our Linguine and Clams is only available for a few weeks out of the year. We prefer to cook up our clams at the height of shellfish season. Many consider late winter and early spring the best time to enjoy clams that have been dug from nice, cold water. We’ve all heard the rule, “Only in months with R” – that means April will be your last chance to gobble up these briny morsels!

Join us for lunch or dinner today!

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