Month: September 2014

  • Give the Gift of Buca

    Buca Gift Cards Make Great Holiday Gifts

    When it comes to holiday gifts, what do you remember most over time, socks or celebrations? Perfume or people? New clothes or old friends?  The most precious things in life are good times spent with those we love and enjoy.  So what could be more thoughtful than the gift of an outing to a hospitable place where you can relax with friends and family, share food and fun, and make a memory or two?

    Restaurant gift cards are the best of the best and Buca di Beppo gift cards are perfect to show your friends and family you care.  At Buca, our gift cards are ideal for easy, meaningful holiday gift giving. In fact, it’s a holiday tradition for many Buca followers to buy Buca gift cards for everyone on their gift lists.  It’s easy by ordering cards online where you can order traditional plastic gift cards or personalize digital/online gift cards with ease. 

    Online gift cards have all kinds of exciting options. And the best gift cards this year (including those from Buca, of course) are thoroughly customizable. You can design delightfully creative gifts by including your own photo or message. Just imagine sending your aunt her very own gift card with a funny photo of her as a teenager gobbling a slice of Italian pizza. Or you can include a seasonal photo of your family posed in front of a Christmas tree or snowman.

    If you’re good with words, be creative with a personal message.  Just choose one of Buca’s gift card designs, then come up with a great line and record it right on Buca’s website as part of the ordering process: “Hope-a you belly’s as full as you holiday!” “Have a merry meatball,” or whatever festive message that will mean the most to your recipient.

    And add your own message to present your gift card with personal style.  Festive holiday greetings can be included, such as:

     “Hope you have a great time sharing food and fun with your favorite people this season, Georgie.”


    “To Pam, my favorite niece,
    Italians love the holidays, partying with people they care about, eating, and combining the three. Go Italian this season… on me!”

    You can fit a surprising amount of text to deliver your custom message.

    Review your holiday gift creation, set the date and time for Buca to deliver/email it, and you’re done.

    It’s so easy! Buca’s website takes you through the process step by step. You’re given the option, for each of your online gift cards, to mail it to yourself or to your giftee.

    Instead of spending hours shopping, take a little time to personalize gift cards this season!

    It’s really fun finding just the right photo or caption for each holiday gift certificate you give. You’ll find yourself putting a lot of love into each of these creative gifts.  And will your nearest and dearest enjoy their gift cards?  You betcha!  You’re giving them the most valuable gift of all – time with the people who matter most. And that’s one of the very best ways to spread the warmth of the holiday spirit.

    Visit your local Buca restaurant or now to start and finish your holiday shopping today!

  • Book Your Holiday Party at Buca

    Book Your Holiday Party at Buca

    It’s that time of year to begin your holiday planning.  You’re certain to remember loved ones this holiday, but what about those important people who help you earn your livelihood?  You don’t want to forget your colleagues, partners, clients and customers ― the folks who’ve made 2014 a great year and can make 2015 even better.

    Taking them out for a holiday office party is a significant team-building activity that lets the professionals on your team know they’re important to you.  And you want to make it a very special and festive occasion.  Invite them to Buca di Beppo for an unforgettable company dinner where they’ll enjoy incredible food, fun and festive surroundings, and award-winning service.

    At Buca, we make the holiday party planning process easy and enjoyable.  As the leader in celebratory dining, we can help you make your holiday event a momentous one.

    • Top Celebration Venue & On-Site Party Planner/Group Sales Manager – Every Buca restaurant offers an assortment of banquet rooms, meeting spaces, and party rooms, as well as experienced party planners with plenty of holiday office party ideas to make banquet planning a breeze.  Buca’s décor serves as a conversation starter, too.  Our banquet rooms are filled with fun, vintage pics depicting slices of Italian-American life in the mid-20th century, black and white photos of gorgeous young women slurping spaghetti, nostalgic advertisements for products your grandmother loved, and imposing matrons in fashionable-to-them attire.  You may even run across photos of corporate Christmas parties of the past! Whether you find them quaint or kitschy, our pictures and décor lighten the atmosphere and give guests a lot to talk and laugh about.
    • Authentic Italian Cuisine – If you’ll be hosting more than 20 people, select delightful dishes from our diverse banquet menus, where you’ll find delicious, authentic Italian cuisine with everything from bruschetta to fettuccine alfredo to lasagna or cheese manicotti to chicken parmigiana to cannolis and more!  If you’re planning a more intimate affair, let guests choose from our standard menu, or talk to the local group sales manager about ordering ahead for them.  
    • Family-Style Dining – Another of the many reasons Buca is perfect for holiday luncheons, festive corporate events and company dinners is that we serve all of our wonderful dishes family-style.  Our guests tell us that sharing food is a fun icebreaker that brings people closer together, sparks conversation and gives everybody at the table the opportunity to try new dishes.  It can help turn a boring office dinner into a friendly gathering that feels like a fun family banquet!
    • Italian Hospitality & Excellent Service – Italian hospitality is warm, generous and slightly irreverent, and our servers and staff fit the mold beautifully.  They make sure every guest at your company party feels comfortable, happy and well-tended, adding a little humor and good cheer to every holiday office party they serve.  We’re extremely happy with our staff, but we’re not the only ones.  They’re multiple winners of group dining awards.

    And don’t forget!  Buca caters for the holidays as well as all kinds of business meetings and office parties year round.  Our team is flexible and easy to work with to help you with off-site catering to bring the feast to you and your colleagues.  They welcome your ideas and work hard to make sure your company luncheon, special party or celebration or business meeting turns out just as you expect.

    Whatever you decide to do this year, let Buca help you show your colleagues and business associates you care by providing a delicious company luncheon or dinner.  Whether your hosting them at Buca or if you wish us to bring the feast to you, make it a festive & memorable holiday party and, like all our many corporate customers, we’ll have you saying, “the company that Bucas together, succeeds together!”

  • Enjoy World Pasta Month at Buca

    Celebrate World Pasta Month At Buca

    This fall, Buca is featuring three new pasta dishes in celebration of World Pasta Month.

    World Pasta Day, which is celebrated on October 25th each year, is a day of recognition for pasta, a staple item in Mediterranean cuisine.  Italy is the largest exporter of pasta and at Buca di Beppo, you can enjoy appetizing and authentic Italian dishes made with pasta imported from Italy.  Pasta is so popular in the United States that 24% of the global consumption of pasta is by Americans – the largest of any country in the world.  Americans consume 6 billion pounds of pasta each year with the average American consuming 20 pounds of pasta annually. 

    Because of everyone’s love of pasta, Buca di Beppo is extending World Pasta Day to an entire month celebration! 

    From September 29th through November 2nd, bring your family and friends to Buca to try any one of these delectable pasta offerings: 

    • Rigatoni Positano – Chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, fried eggplant, diced tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic in homemade marinara sauce 
    • Penne al Forno – Sauteed, spicy Italian sausage, prosciutto and pepperoni tossed with ricotta and homemade marinara sauce, topped with provolone, mozzarella and Parmesan and baked to perfection 
    • Cavatappi Puglia – Sun-dried tomato pesto, spicy Italian sausage, fresh spinach and roasted red peppers tossed in garlic Parmesan cream sauce 

    So bring your friends and family to Buca to enjoy an Italian pasta feast this fall for this celebratory event to enjoy some and in honor of pasta!. Remember, this celebration takes place Monday, September 29th through Sunday, November 2nd.  Don’t miss it!