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  • Father’s Day with La Famiglia

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    Stateside, we celebrate Father’s Day in June. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21, to be exact, but In Italy as well as Spain and Portugal fathers are honored on Saint Joseph’s Day. Saint Joseph Day occurs on March 19 or March 20 depending on when Palm Sunday is. It is the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary. The feast always falls during the season of Lent meaning it’s traditionally a day of abstinence for Catholic Italians. When it comes to food, Saint Joseph Day tables are typically covered with meatless dishes. By no means does this make the meals boring, however. Overseas, a real Saint Joseph’s Day meal isn’t complete without a round of cookies or zeppole which are like little Italian donuts. Savory dishes often feature a yummy topping made of bread crumbs which symbolically stand for saw dust since Joseph was a carpenter. This year, consider taking a page from the Italians’ book and celebrating Father’s Day with some of these traditional dishes…

    Celebrate Dad with an Italian Lunch or Dinner for Father’s Day.  Reserve now!

    Steamed Mussels

    Mussels are ideal Father’s Day antipasti and since they’re seafood, Italians can eat them during their Father’s Day celebrations, too. Our Mussels Marinara make good use of our homemade marinara sauce in an unexpected way. If you’re new to mollusks or just unsure about dousing them in an herbaceous tomato sauce, you could also try Buca di Beppo’s Mussels Bianca which come in a mild yet satisfying white wine garlic butter broth.

    Baked Ziti

    Baked Ziti is one of our most popular Buca di Beppo dishes. We like to think any dad would love it, despite it being a meatless pasta specialty! Our show-stopping Baked Ziti comes with mozzarella, provolone, rosa sauce and plenty of creamy ricotta and flavor-packed Italian-style bread crumbs on top. In other words, it’s all ready for a Saint Joseph’s Day-inspired Father’s Day dinner! Our large Baked Ziti feeds up to four or more and, because it’s baked, it comes to your table with a melty, golden-brown top. You’ll find that the whole dish stays warm and cheesy from start to finish!

    Shrimp Pasta

    What man wouldn’t love shrimp in June? The Buca di Beppo menu has several shrimp options but for Father’s Day we’re somewhat partial to our Shrimp Florentine. Buca Shrimp Florentine is a massive bowl of linguine tossed with garlicky shrimp, buttery sauce, fresh spinach and Roma tomatoes. Most dads tell us it’s downright delizioso!

    For dessert, share a Dolce Platter with Dad

    We mentioned how the Italians like to bring multiple desserts to their Father’s Day feasts. We don’t know why Americans shouldn’t do the same! Our impressive Dolce Platter includes four different desserts for you and your family to fight over: Tiramisu, Double Dark Chocolate Cake, Homemade Cheesecake and Italian Crème Cake. The traditional crème cake is truly the centerpiece of the festive platter with six layers of lemon cake, mascarpone cheese filling, raspberry sauce and whipped cream topping.

     We also have catering options for Father’s Day available.  Click here. 

  • Make Her Mother’s Day at Buca

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    With everything mothers do for their families, we think all moms deserve a two-week vacation in Italy! Of course, not all moms would be able to take that much time off from, well, being a mom. They can, however, take a trip to Italy for a day when they dine at Buca di Beppo !

    Treat mom to a great meal!  Click here to make your reservation now.

    This Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, bring your mom to Buca for lunch or supper and let our staff pamper her a little. Lots of moms out there hardly even get a chance to sit down to eat most nights. They’re too busy preparing everybody else’s plates, cleaning their kitchen and making sure everybody has everything they want for their own meal. It’s about time somebody did the same for her. And that’s just what happens when you come to Buca di Beppo, anytime during Mother’s Day weekend!

    At Buca, your mama will have her choice of Italian classics. They’ll taste home cooked… but she didn’t have to cook any of them! Start your Mother’s Day celebration off right with some of our toasty bread and a big Insalate for the table. Don’t forget to order some of our specialty sangria to help mom de-stress! After you’ve enjoyed a delicious salad course, it’ll be time for some shareable Italian entrées. Mother’s Day is a time for moms to indulge in whatever they want. Spaghetti and half-pound meatballs with a side of Margherita pizza and cannoli for dessert? She can have it! And she can have it all in a setting that looks like a quaint Sicilian bistro. Book your table ahead of time and you could enjoy an entertaining meal at our Kitchen Table – a private table that gives our guests a glance into the hustle and bustle of our kitchen. Wherever you’re seated, you and your mother are sure to have a fantastic time on your mini-vacation to Italy!

    Now let’s review with a handy list. We’ve got five good reasons why you should choose Buca for your Mother’s Day celebration!

    1.  Our super staff – At some point, every mother has been a chef, a waitress and a dishwasher… all in one night. Give her an unforgettable night off and let our staff take care of everything!

    2.  Our very tasty Italian creations – If your mom favors freshness or has a passion for pasta, Buca di Beppo is the place for her. We make each of our dishes with fresh ingredients and a molto grande dose of Italian flair!

    3.  Our family-style entrée sizes – Mother’s Day is most definitely about mothers… but it’s also about families! All moms want to see their families come together on Mother’s Day and our large, meant-for-sharing entrées make that happen.

    4.  Our authentically Italian ambience – When you bring your mom to Buca, she gets to dine in a fun, comfortable environment, surrounded by Italian knick-knacks and festive, eclectic décor. She might even forget she’s still in USA!  

    5.  Because she deserves it – This may be the most important reason to take mom out for Mother’s Day! Call and reserve your table today!

    Order catering to go now!

  • Celebrate Nurse Appreciation Week with Buca!

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    Nurses do all the same work doctors do – sometimes more! So why don’t RNs receive quite the same recognition as MDs?

    Nurses Appreciation Week exists as a way to recognize and celebrate nurses and the role they play in delivering quality care to those that are sick or hurt by administering aid, educating patients, assisting doctors and working many long, tiring hours each week. Wednesday, May 6, Nurses Appreciation Day, marks the beginning of Nurses Appreciation Week. The week-long celebration goes on til May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. There’s no better time than Nurse Appreciation Week to show your nursing staff some love with an incredible meal. Whether you’re a hospital administrator looking to feed hundreds, a doctor with a small-but-mighty support system of nurses, a pharm rep looking to say “Thank You” or just a regular patient, consider making Buca di Beppo your appreciation dinner provider for these amazing care providers!

    Book your event here or click here to order catering.

    Plan a Nurses Appreciation Week event for the community!

    Coordinating a catered meal for a community-wide Nurse Appreciation Event doesn’t have to be difficult – at least, not when you work with Buca di Beppo! When selecting a restaurant for a Nurse Appreciation catering, you should choose somewhere fun with plenty of flavorful menu offerings and ultra-accommodating service. Buca’s diverse menu features soft Italian bread and amazing antipasti, creamy fettuccines and fresh baked desserts. Our most irresistible edibles, however, would have to be our meatballs and pasta dishes. The service is really important because this meal is a chance for healthcare professionals to let someone take care of them for a change! They spend all day serving food, cleaning exam rooms, comforting patients and filling out lots and lots of paperwork. With a plate full of Buca di Beppo, they can forget those stresses and unwind. The nurses in your life will feel positively whisked away, even before they take their first bite. We’re able to deliver our pasta pans right to the event venue, clinic or private residence the gathering is being held in as long as it’s within 10 miles of our restaurant. A basic Buca catering package consisting of fresh salad, two pasta trays, a bread tray and free disposable dinnerware feeds up to 40 people. It’s the easiest way to serve a full meal and show a nursing staff you care!

    Give ‘em a Buca di Beppo gift card for their next night off.

    If you aren’t able to celebrate Nurses Appreciation with your favorite nurses, giving her or him a gift card can be an equally meaningful gesture. Buca di Beppo Gift Cards are redeemable at any Buca restaurant and are available in values from $10 to $200. You can drop a card on their desk at your next doctor’s appointment or send an eGift Card instantly to their inbox. With no expiration date or service fees, they’re convenient for both the giver and the recipient. After months of hastily eaten hospital food and grueling night shifts, a dedicated nurse deserves to enjoy a hearty Italian dinner away from all the medical mayhem.

    Give the gift of Buca.  Order your gift card here.



  • Teacher Appreciation

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    A lot of people think teachers have it easy because they get a couple of months off each year in the summer. In reality, most teachers work far more than 40 hours a week during the school year, setting up the classroom, coming up with lesson plans, grading papers and convincing kids to love learning.

    Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual weeklong celebration of teachers and all that they do falling in the first full week of May. Teacher Appreciation Week 2015 is right around the corner, May 4 – 8! At Buca di Beppo, we think educators deserve more than a shiny apple on their desk. This year, really show your appreciation for the amazing (and often grossly underpaid) teachers in your world by getting them a Buca di Beppo gift card or throwing a catered Teacher Appreciation Party!

    Give ‘em the Gift of Buca!

    Alright, students, today’s lesson is all about gift giving! As we hinted earlier, the apple thing is totally played out. A chance to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine and a night off from thinking about ABCs and 123s? Now that’s another story! Buca di Beppo Gift Cards are redeemable at any Buca restaurant. They come in values starting at $10 and going up to $200 and they have no expiration date or service fees, meaning they’re convenient for both the giver and the recipient! After a year of bagged lunches and cafeteria food, our teachers have earned themselves a hearty Italian meal. We’ve even got a delightfully crusty Apple Crostata on the dessert menu so you can be sure they won’t miss that end-of-the-year Red Delicious. Send your child to school with a plastic gift card in tow or send an eGift Card instantly to your favorite educator’s inbox.

    Plan an Appreciation Lunch

    With our catering and carry out pan options, setting up a full Italian buffet for a Teacher Appreciation Event at school or in some other local venue is easy. We’ll even deliver right to the classroom as long as it’s within 10 miles of us. A pasta entrée party pan from Buca di Beppo feeds up to 20. Two pans and some sides could easily feed a whole elementary school’s worth of teachers and teaching assistants. Our basic catering packages includes either a mixed green or Caesar salad, two pasta trays, a homemade bread tray and free disposable dinnerware and if that’s not enough for everyone, you can always add additional entrée options or a tempting dessert tray. If you really want to coordinate an awesome Teacher Appreciation event, you might consider booking a Buca di Beppo banquet room for a fun dinner away from the schoolhouse. Call now to reserve your space! We guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

    Class dismissed!

    Plan an event for your teacher here!

  • Graduation Catering for a Crowd

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    They did it! They studied hard and now it’s almost time for them to walk across that stage, shake hands with their schoolmasters, take their diplomas and go out into the world, hopefully a good bit wiser than they were when school started. They’ve done their part… now you must do yours by coordinating an amazing graduation party!

    Celebrate Your Grad with Buca!

    After weeks and weeks of school night dinners and brown bag lunches, chances are your class of ’15 grad is ready for a festive end-of-the-year feast. Of course, if you’re already hosting out-of-town relatives for the occasion, cooking is likely the last thing you want to worry about. So why not let Buca di Beppo do all the cooking? We’ll even handle the dishes by providing plastic plates and silverware with any catering order.

    Buca’s Party Pans To Go

    With our catering and carry out pan options, setting up a full Italian buffet in your home is easy! Buca can provide all the entrées, sides and beverages the guests will want after a long graduation ceremony. A pan full of pasta from Buca di Beppo is perfect for a family dinner, a neighborhood gathering or a huge class party. Our authentic Italian dishes are available in full party pans that feed up to 20 people as well as smaller half pans so you can size your order right. As to what you should order, any of our homemade entrées will do but our Baked Ziti with rosa sauce, provolone, mozzarella and ricotta is always a crowd-pleaser.

    Celebratory Party Pan Packages

    Our pre-set celebratory catering packages let you provide your guests with a very satisfying variety of dishes to munch on. The basic package includes either a mixed green or Caesar salad, two pasta trays, a homemade bread tray and disposable dinnerware. If the basic package isn’t enough for your grad’s food-loving brood, you can always build your own custom catering package by combining full trays, half trays, drinks, desserts and more. Adding desserts to any of our catering options guarantees that all your guests’ cravings are satisfied, from start to finish. Most graduation parties have plain sheet cake. How many grad parties with brownies, freshly baked cookies and chocolate chip cannoli have you attended? We like to think that our dessert trays are as unique as they are yummy!

    Delivery Available

    Delivery and set up service is available within a 10 mile radius of all Buca restaurants and if you’d like to pick up the catering yourself, our staff will gladly carry the pans out to your vehicle. Order online at your convenience or give us a call at least 24 hours before the day of the party.

    Celebrate Your Grad with Buca!


  • Congratulating the Class of 2015

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    Whether you’re hosting a small graduation party for the family or a no-holds barred graduation party for all the gang, our special tables and private banquet rooms let you celebrate in a way that gets everyone in the school’s out spirit. High school, college, med school or fifth grade – no matter what kind of diploma your grad is receiving, he or she is sure to love the fun atmosphere and the unforgettable food available at Buca di Beppo. It’s almost time to toss those mortarboards and head to Buca for a graduation celebration that’s truly top of the class!

    Book your graduation party with us here!

    We’ll handle the atmosphere…

    When picking a graduation party venue, you have to keep in mind that the room must comfortably seat all invited guests. Buca’s semi-private dining rooms are filled with large communal tables and booths, encouraging conversation and general merriment. If you are aiming for a slightly smaller celebration or an immediate family affair, hang out at our Kitchen Table and watch as your food is cooked right before your eyes and served fresh from the stove. When you reserve a table at Buca di Beppo for you and your graduate, either in the kitchen or in one of our eclectic dining rooms, you sign on for an exciting, authentically Italian experience! Throughout the restaurant, you and your guests will notice fanciful details such as framed photographs, ornate statues, twinkling lights and babbling fountains. Our superstar staff loves nothing more than encouraging a good time by offering outstanding customer service, joking along with guests and taking care of all their dining needs.

    We even have decoration Ideas.

    If you really want to represent the Class of 2015 in style, especially in one of our large banquet rooms, consider bringing in special decorations in your graduate’s school colors! We can help set up and clear everything away when the party’s over. We’ll take all the stress out of entertaining so you can focus on the big day! Balloons, confetti, centerpieces and more help create a festive mood. You’re welcome to personalize the space in a theme that’s significant to your family’s scholar or in the classic graduation colors, black and gold.

    Then there’s the food!

    Buca’s diverse menu has something for everyone from assorted antipasti and crunchy salads to creamy pastas and cheesy pizzas. Our classic Italian dishes are served family-style, with two sizes to choose from – the small which feeds approximately two people and the large which feeds four or more. Make the day extra special by finishing the meal with one of our decadent desserts. Post-graduation life is “la dolce vita” when it involves rich double chocolate cake or a colossal dessert platter with three different cakes and homemade tiramisu.

    There may still be finals to take and graduation gowns to order but sometime between all that you’re going to have to plan the graduation party! Call Buca di Beppo to start party planning today!

    Book your graduation party with us here!

  • eClub Sign Up

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    The Internet is a dangerous place. Give your email address to the wrong company and – BAM – your inbox suddenly receives a daily onslaught of “special offers” and “exclusive promotions.” Being of the Old World ourselves, we know how irksome a barrage of misleading emails can be. That’s why, when you sign up for the Buca eClub, you’ll only be sent emails that actually offer subscribers valuable information – like a coupon for a FREE pasta! We promise not to bury your inbox with meatball messages and alfredo updates. Of course, occasionally something really exciting happens that we just can’t help but share. And we like to think that our club members would agree with what we believe to be worth sharing.

    Signup for our E-Club now.

    Sign up now and enjoy a FREE meal on us!

    When you sign up for Buca di Beppo’s eClub, you get a FREE small pasta entrée the next time you visit. Grab a friend, come into Buca for lunch or dinner and you’ll get to choose one of these three awesomely delicious options…

    Spaghetti Marinara

    Every great Italian restaurant needs a spectacular spaghetti dish on the menu. It just so happens that we have three – Spaghetti Marinara, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Spaghetti with Meatballs. The lightest of these three pastas, our zesty Spaghetti Marinara, can be yours, free of charge, when you join our eClub. This vegetarian-friendly item features an incredible application of homemade marinara and all the fresh parmesan you could want.

    Fettuccine Alfredo

    Our small fettuccine alfredo is a generous pile of cheesy creaminess. Now don’t be fooled by the word “small.” Even with two people splitting this dish, there’s often leftover fettuccine noodles, especially when this entrée is paired with our famous garlic bread loaf – a combination we heartily recommend!

    Baked Ziti

    Baked Ziti and baked pastas in general are a Buca di Beppo specialty. Baking is the only way to get that melty, golden-brown top and that perfectly balanced blend of flavors. Our popular Baked Ziti comes with mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, a gorgeous rosa sauce and a smattering of Italian-style bread crumbs. It may be hard to believe you can get all that for free but it’s true! Our Baked Ziti is among the free pasta possibilities after you sign up for our eClub rewards.

    Now keep in mind that a single small pasta at Buca easily fills two hungry stomachs. That means, when you become a Buca eClub member, you really get TWO free meals for the price of NONE. You also get a $20 birthday gift every year from your Buca di Beppo family! Really, you should expect no less from the Italian celebration experts.

    Signup for our E-Club now.

  • Family Dinners and Private Banquets

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    Communion Celebrations Are Big at Buca

    The First Communion is a big day in a child’s life. It may require weeks of preparation and planning so once the big day arrives, a big celebration is certainly in order. As one of the top celebration-restaurant options, Buca di Beppo offers a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, a diverse menu featuring something for everyone and many budget-conscious First Communion party options. Host a celebratory luncheon in one of our uniquely themed dining rooms or an intimate family dinner in our kitchen or take the party home with some of our catering pans.  

    Plan your child’s communion lunch or dinner with us here!

    Party Pans for Pick Up

    If you prefer to host your First Communion party at home, order from our various party pans and let Buca take the stress out of having to cook for a group. Dishes can be picked up at your nearest Buca restaurant or delivered to your home for a minimal fee. Our large party pans each feed up to 20 hungry house guests and our pre-set celebratory catering packages let you provide your guests with a very satisfying multi-course meal. All packages include at least two entrée options, free disposable plates and utensils. Alternatively, you can build your own custom catering package by combing full trays, half trays, drinks, desserts and more. Adding a dessert tray of warm, chocolate-y brownies or fresh baked cookies to any of our catering options will keep everyone in a celebratory mood up until it’s time to go home.

    Here at Buca di Beppo, we are the experts at hosting banquets. With our diverse menu options, larger-than-life family-style servings and private or semi-private dining room spaces, we can accommodate families of all sizes. In celebration of this spiritual event, why not dine in one of our themed rooms such as the Pope Room or Cardinal Room? These religion-themed private dining spaces are decorated with souvenirs from the Vatican, making them the ideal spots to gather family and friends together in fellowship. The large, round communal table sits center stage, allowing guests to converse more easily and share family-style dishes with ease.

    If a smaller family dinner is what you’re seeking, consider hanging out where all the action is – in Buca’s kitchen! When you dine at our Chef’s Table, you and your family take a front-row seat in the heart of the restaurant. Children and adults alike will be fully entertained as they get a first-hand look into all that goes into preparing an authentic Italian meal. Whether you decide to host a large First Communion banquet or cozy family get-together, Buca’s got you covered. It’s sure to be a day your little one won’t forget!

    Plan your child’s communion lunch or dinner with us here!

  • Birthdays di Beppo

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    We love birthdays! At Buca di Beppo, our only rules for celebrating birthdays are as follows…

    1. Someone must sing “Happy Birthday.”
    2. All laughter must be loud.
    3. Calorie intake must be ignored.

    The rest is up to you! Whether you’d prefer to celebrate at our restaurant with a few friends, in a private room with a bigger group or at home with a really huge group, we’d love to help you make your birthday memorable.

    Book Your Celebration Now!

    Have a Delizioso Birthday Dinner Out  

    When picking a birthday dinner venue, one thing to make absolutely sure of is that the restaurant can comfortably seat all invited guests. Buca’s semi-private dining rooms are filled with large communal tables and booths, perfect for bigger birthday parties. If you are aiming for a slightly smaller celebration or an immediate family affair, our Kitchen Table offers diners Italian-style entertainment, letting them peek into our cooking process. No matter where you sit, our décor is sure to spark a festive mood! Throughout the restaurant, you’ll see colorful posters and elaborate sculptures. And the food is as exciting as the surroundings! Buca’s diverse menu has something for everyone from crispy calamari to creamy fettuccine and fresh baked pizza. Our infamously massive meatballs make for a fun birthday dinner addition and our family-style servings are extremely effective at bringing people together. Of course, you can’t leave a birthday dinner without getting dessert. Our dessert menu features towering slices of cake, luscious cannoli and plenty of other Italian favorites.

    Take the Party Home with Party Pans

    Our carry out pan options make setting up a full Italian buffet for a blowout house party a lot simpler than it sounds. A single catering pan from Buca di Beppo feeds up to 20 hungry birthday party-ers, so there’s no need to spend all day stirring and sautéing before the attendees arrive. Note – our incredibly satisfying entrée pans can be made as half pans so you can get your order right. Pre-set celebratory catering packages let you provide your guests with multiple courses. The basic package includes salad, two pasta trays, a bread tray and all the disposable dinnerware you might need. Dessert trays are also great for birthday parties, particularly if traditional birthday cake isn’t the guest of honor’s favorite after-dinner treat. Super convenient delivery and set up service is available within a 10 mile radius of all Buca di Beppo restaurants.  

    Get the Buca eClub Birthday Reward

    When you sign up for Buca di Beppo’s eClub, you’ll be ready to receive a $20 birthday gift straight to your inbox every year from all of us here at Buca! PLUS, you’ll immediately get a FREE small pasta entrée just for joining… You didn’t expect us to wait for your birthday to roll around to start showering you with Italian deliciousness, did you?? Choose from these three options: Spaghetti Marinara, Fettuccine Alfredo or three cheese Baked Ziti.

    Celebrate With Us.  Click Here!

  • Hop Over to Buca for Easter

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    We consider the smallest victories cause to celebrate so you can imagine our excitement when an actual holiday rolls around – especially a holiday as important as Easter! Throughout Italy, Easter is a very big deal so at Buca di Beppo, we do it up right with familiar Italian favorites, flavorful new creations and decadent desserts. On Easter Sunday, we want you to be able to focus on what matters most and not on what’s cooking in your oven or how many dishes you have to wash. When you dine in or order out with us this Easter, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and get ready to feast.   

    Book your Easter lunch or dinner with us here.

    Enjoy an Easter Out

    Easter is one of the happiest days of the year! Beautiful spring weather has begun, everyone wears colorful outfits and the Easter bunny comes to visit. Buca di Beppo has the festive atmosphere to match this joyous occasion. Bring the whole family (that means the aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, too!) to Buca for lunch after church or later in the day for a big Sunday dinner. We have tables for groups of all sizes and entrées large enough to pass around the table and still have some left for seconds.   

    Our fresh, authentic dishes are made to order and our menu has something for everyone. Start your Easter meal with garlic bread and a green salad then move on to the very shareable main course. One large entrée at Buca feeds four people. You can order just a couple of pastas for the table or downsize your entrées to sample a little of everything. The typical Easter dinner centers around a fine Easter ham. This year, substitute that ham for thinly sliced prosciutto with our Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken or spicy Italian sausage with our impressive sausage, spinach and ricotta-filled Stuffed Shells or go coastal with our Linguine & Clams, only available for a short time. Traditionally, Italian families have fancy chocolates and cakes on Easter. That means you’re definitely going to need an elaborate dessert! We have rich Italian Creme lemon cake, carefully layered Tiramisu and even a massive Mt. Vesuvius chocolate cake.

    Take Home a Classic

    If your idea of the perfect Easter is a casual meal at home with family, we’re happy to accommodate all your at-home catering needs! Our Party Pans feed up to 20 and feature many of most loved dishes including our huge meatballs and our saucy Baked Ziti. They can even be filled with salads or desserts. Plus, all to-go orders come with all the napkins, plates, serving spoons and disposable silverware you could need. Start planning your private Easter celebration by reserving your Party Pans today!

    Book your Easter lunch or dinner with us here.