Month: July 2015

  • Family-Style Value


    We know that taste, ambience and consistent quality are all important factors that you take into account when choosing a place to dine. That’s why we make them a priority at all Buca di Beppo locations. In addition to these three critical areas, one final factor that can never be ignored is value. At Buca di Beppo you’re paying for both authentic quality and a large, meant-to-be-shared quantity. Everything on our menu from the apps to the titanic bowls of pasta should be passed around among your party – just like they would be at your own kitchen table – but they only cost a teeny bit more than some one-person entrées at other family restaurants. Ultimately, the savings that can result from this phenomenon are pretty impressive. We love sharing our tasty Italian recipes with you so much that no matter how many people you’re ordering for, trust us when we say we’re going to give you a lot of food!  

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    Buca Entrée Size Options Explained

    If you’ve never experienced Buca portion sizes, our menu may seem to be on the expensive side but the beauty of family-style dining is that each dish is designed to feed the whole table. In the end, if the prices are divided up, almost all of our entrées end up costing less than $10 per person. We have two size options listed by the majority of our dishes with the exception of desserts and most appetizers. We call our two sizes “Buca Small” and “Buca Large” but don’t let the names fool you! Our small is still large enough to feed two people and our large is designed to be split among four or more. A single large entrée could easily provide your table with enough food for everyone but if you’re looking to try a lot of different kinds of Italian cuisine, we always encourage an order of two or three Buca Smalls. Variety is the spice of life after all… and as Italians, we like things spicy!  

    Unbeatable Value

    Take into account that, even if you only want one main course, you’re probably going to have garlic bread and fresh-tossed salad at the table as well and the value you end up with is really undeniable. On top of a feeling of satisfaction, most of our customers get to walk out of the restaurant with a delicious bag of leftovers. Forget about giving those to the doggy – they make a perfect easy lunch or fast dinner! Two meals or more for the price of one? That’s just another benefit of dining family-style with Buca di Beppo!    

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  • Ditch the Deli Sandwiches….Have a Real Corporate Lunch!

    Corp Luncheons Large 

    Ditch the deli sandwiches and bags of chips and spring for a corporate lunch that looks more at home in a board room than a school yard playground. Often, business luncheons can become hurried, unappetizing affairs. With innovation and strategy taking a front seat, what to have for lunch can become an after-thought. We serve savory Italian lunches that are sure to bring you and your co-workers together and give you a boost for the second half of your work day. Whether your company is hosting employees from all around the country or it consists of less than 10 people, we can provide you with a corporate lunch that’s right-sized and satisfying.  

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    Host a Banquet at Your Neighborhood Buca

    Planning a workday lunch banquet can be fun – particularly at Buca di Beppo. When you work with Buca, you and your colleagues can enjoy a hearty meal in a setting that’s both laidback and memorable. With our eclectic décor and our made-for-sharing Italian menu, a business outing to Buca di Beppo can be great for networking and employee bonding. Out banquet rooms are spacious enough to accommodate any party and private enough for you to get down to business when necessary. If you plan on working late on the day of your banquet, we recommend ordering some of our most filling apps and entrées such as our garlic bread, our meatballs or our baked pasta dishes. We also offer lighter lunch options, even for large parties, including seafood and fresh Insalate.

    Order-in Our Off-Site Catering

    When coordinating a corporate luncheon for an entire office or convention, corporate catering will save money as well as ensure that there will be enough food for everyone involved. There are many benefits to catering a business function on company premises, For example, you won’t have to travel to lunch and all your business resources will stay available to you throughout your meal. Unfortuantely, many caterers won’t be bothered with short-notice orders or office building deliveries. Not Buca! We have extensive experience catering in-office functions and our authentic Italian offerings are always a hit. We can even deliver pasta pans to venues within a 10-mile radius of our restaurant. Each full-size catering pan we prepare can feed up to 20 plus they come with disposable serving ware, plates and utensils so it’s easy for folks to self-serve. Remember – hungry workers hurt productivity so it never hurts to order multiple pasta pans! Finally, we recommend including a dessert tray of either cookies and brownies or our authentic Cannoli along with your main entrées so that your lunch attendants can choose to end their lunch break on an extra sweet note or choose to savor something sweet later in the day.

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