Month: August 2015

  • Send Pasta to Your Pals


    For many big occasions in people’s lives, it’s customary for their friends and family to send them food! Whether they’re recovering from an illness, taking care of a new baby or hosting a large group of overnight guests, there’s really no greater gift than a tasty tray of prepared food. And when they’re sure to be too tired to make a home-cooked meal for themselves, what could be better or more thoughtful than a gourmet Italian meal from Buca di Beppo? We have lots of to-go trays and dinner packages so you can order the right Italian favorite, and just the right portion of it. If they happen to live within 10 miles of the nearest Buca, you can even have the pasta trays delivered straight to their door! (Check our website for our delivery locations) With delivery service and online ordering available, sending a traditional Italian meal to someone in need of a little amore is a gesture that’s convenient for both the sender and the recipient.

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    Pasta Pans To-Go

    Entrée pans can be purchased as part of a bigger order or on their own. A single full-size Buca pan contains 20 servings which makes them ideal for friends who are likely to have a lot of guests dropping in to eat with them. A half pan or a pair of half pans also makes for an exciting surprise for a smaller household. Just like the meals eaten inside our restaurants, these dishes are impressively yummy and shockingly affordable too, when one considers the price per serving. So when they can’t go out to Buca, bring the Buca to them!

    Catering Packages

    Options for catering packages may vary from one location to another. You can view the menu for your particular location online. No matter which Buca restaurant you order from, your catering package should come with napkins, plastic utensils and disposable plates to make dinnertimes even easier for your busy loved one. Most deluxe package deals include a salad course which can be a godsend for a family that’s been receiving lots of hearty dishes from others. Some refreshing and always appreciated salad options include Mixed Green, tart Apple Gorgonzola and parmesan-topped Caesar. If you tell us a bit about the package recipient, we may be able to recommend the perfect pasta-salad combo to you. If you want their package to last them a good while, for instance, we may recommend a classic Lasagna pan package. For a lighter, versatile meal option, we might steer you towards the Spicy Chicken Rigatoni or the Penne alla Vodka.

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  • Awe-Inspiring Awards Ceremonies

    Business Networking Large  

    There are all kinds of award ceremony occasions from the end-of-season party for a minor league sports team to a star-studded event like the Oscars. Not all awards ceremonies have thousands of guests gathered or a gala atmosphere, but they all have their most valuable players and most memorable moments. Most awards presentations must be arranged ahead of time. We can help you prepare for yours whether you’d like to reserve one of our eclectic banquet rooms or pick up catered meals to bring to another menu. One thing’s for sure – a ceremony organized with some help from Buca di Beppo will certainly leave your awardees feeling recognized and your organization invigorated!

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    Why Hold an Awards Ceremony?

    When somebody in your initiative has been doing an excellent job and you want to do more than simply congratulate that colleague for the victory, an awards ceremony may be in order. After all, this person is an example for everybody on the team. Presenting awards at a special ceremony is a good way to honor employees, customers, peers, volunteers, athletes and artists who have shown outstanding commitment. In many organizations, routine awards, such as plaques for years of service, are given out at ceremonies alongside larger awards for acts of service. Whether they’ve spearheaded a successful fundraiser, completed an innovative new project or just participated in a difficult program, an award can benefit both the recipient and the organization as a whole. Awards ceremonies make people feel recognized and appreciated. They reinforce the idea that good work is rewarded. They may act as an incentive and motivate others to always strive for excellence. A special event can be particularly motivating but if it’s more convenient or appropriate, you may choose to give an award during another event not designed specifically for this purpose such as an annual meeting.

    Planning an Awards Ceremony

    Depending on the size and what kind of event you have in mind, you might want to divvy up the planning of it among members of a committee or delegate an official organizer. You’ll have to decide what kind of presentation or entertainment there will be. Will you have a formal speech, a slide show or a casual picnic vibe? Will the award be a printed certificate, a plaque, a medal or a trophy? Aside from the award itself, attendants to these events may expect to receive some delicious food during the ceremony, such as any of our Italian specialties at Buca. No matter the scope of the ceremony, organizing an event from start to finish can be overwhelming. The Buca di Beppo staff can help. When it comes to food, for example, they’ll definitely have you covered. For a company-wide gathering, classic party trays that feed up to 20 a piece would be the perfect fare. For a more intimate presentation, a multi-course private meal in one of our banquet rooms may fit the bill. Keep in mind that the ceremony doesn’t have to be “formal” to be an amazing event. Book your Buca banquet room or put in your catering ordering online today!

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  • Frequently Asked Catering Questions


    Before you make a large catering order, it’s natural to have some questions! These are the five most frequently asked questions we receive here at Buca di Beppo…

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    Question: “How do I put in my catering order?”

    Answer: You can place your Buca catering order in person at a Buca restaurant (if you just happen to be stopping by), over the phone or online. Simply find our catering tab, select your location from the available menu and follow the instructions provided to put in any order, even a very, very large one, anytime.

    Question: “Do you deliver?”

    Answer: Most Buca restaurants have a 10 mile delivery radius. If you need to get your catering order to a venue outside of this range, we make curbside pick-up easy. Simply provide us with a pick-up time and our staff will be sure to have your order prepped and ready to go when you need it.  

    Question: “How large are your catering pans?”

    Answer: Just one of our full-sized catering pans has about 20 portions of pasta when they’re filled to the top! But since they never stay full for long, we always recommend a few sides such as salad and fresh bread. Most of our pre-set catering packages include a salad pan and lots of delicious Buca bread and if that sounds like a little too much food for your group, half sizes are also available for most of the items on our catering menu.

    Question: “What comes with [insert name of catering package here]?”

    Answer: Catering packages may vary slightly from one location to another. One way to check what comes in a certain package is by looking online. Certain package features are consistent across all locations. All packages come with napkins, disposable plates, forks and serving utensils to make planning your gathering easier. Most deluxe package deals involve some combination of pastas and salads. Select your entrées then choose either our unique Apple Gorgonzola salad, classic Caesar or fresh Mixed Green salad. You really can’t go wrong!      

    Question: “What should we order?”

    Answer: This part’s mostly up to you and your guests but it’s possibly the most frequently asked question in the bunch! That being said, if you tell us a bit about the meal you’re hosting we may have some smart recommendations. For example, if you’re serving lunch at an afternoon party, we typically recommend lighter fare such as our Penne alla Vodka or an elegant tray of Mozzarella Caprese. We find hearty combinations like the Lasagna Feast package just work better for dinner. Our menu is particularly well-suited for family gatherings and events where kids will be present. For those occasions, our signature spaghetti is always a welcome addition to the spread.  

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  • Dining In or Taking Out – Feed Four for $40 at Buca

    4 for 40 Large 

    Spending less than $40 at a restaurant (or even at the grocery store!) is easier said than done. Especially when you’ve got a family of four to feed. At many sit-down Italian joints, $40 is really only enough for a meal for two. Thanks to a rather spectacular deal we’ve got going on now at Buca, however, you and three others can enjoy an authentic, family-style Italian dinner with bread, salad and a delicious pasta dish for just $40 total!

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    As you may already know, our menu items are meant to be shared among dining companions. As such, most everything we serve comes in two sizes – the Buca Small that feeds about two or the Buca Large that feeds four. Just to be clear, when we say that you get bread, salad and pasta with this $40 deal, we mean you get the Buca Large versions. Two large appetizers and a large entrée for $10 a head in a fun, eclectic setting… seriously, bring your appetites! With an irresistible bread bowl and a zesty salad at your table, having entrée leftovers in the end is definitely within the realm of possibility.

    Using this limited-time Buca di Beppo coupon is easy…

    Start with garlic bread.

    No Italian meal is complete without carbs – and lots of ‘em! Garlic bread is an ideal accompaniment to everything on our menu. Our recipe consists of a fresh Italian loaf brushed with garlic-infused olive oil, then baked with Parmesan cheese and additional garlic pieces for extra zing!

    Then choose your salad.

    For veggie lovers, the Buca Insalate is the best part of the meal. You’ll have to decide between our Mixed Green Salad or our much beloved Caesar mix. A Large Mixed Green (regular $20.99) comes topped with red onions, pepperoncini peppers and Kalamata and green olives and our flavorful Italian vinaigrette. The Caesar salad (regularly $22.99) comes with all the typical Caesar fixings – parmesan, romaine hearts, croutons and a creamy dressing.

    Finally, choose a traditional pasta.

    Our pastas make us who we are at Buca di Beppo. It’s hard to imagine we’d have a four-person meal deal without them! You’ll get to choose one of the following five traditional Italian pasta dishes: Spaghetti Marinara, Spaghetti with meat sauce, Fettuccine Alfredo, Baked Ziti OR Ravioli al Pomodro (all regularly about $30). We make the sauces for all of these entrées from scratch in our kitchens and the taste is pretty special. Even without bread or salad, one of these entrées alone can be a great meal!

    In the end, when you take advantage of this 4 for $40 Buca di Beppo dine-in or take-out coupon, you and your friends or family will receive almost $60 worth of food. Deal ends September 27, 2015 – don’t miss it!

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  • Go Back to School with Buca di Beppo

    Back to School Large 

    With shopping for school supplies, shuttling between extracurricular activities and making sure all the homework gets done, there’s little time left in the school week to be preparing fresh, nutritious family dinners every night. After school starts up and your schedule gets crazy, don’t turn to your typical fast food options to feed your family at the end of a long day. Come into Buca or order some of our famous entrées online this semester and you’ll have dinnertime aced! Our family-style portions and laidback vibe make for a perfect after-school meal solution.

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    A Fun Outing

    Take a break and celebrate a new school year’s beginning by going out to your neighborhood Buca di Beppo. The back-to-school season should be an exciting one! Boost the excitement by dining in at Buca on a weeknight or during the weekend. Our family-friendly atmosphere is festive and colorful which is particularly special when quality family time is a lot more limited than it was in summer months. Our prices are a great value for families, too. If you’ve never seen Buca portions, our menu may look expensive initially but the beauty of family-style dining is that each dish is designed to feed a whole party. In the end, most entrées end up costing less than $10 per person. We have two size options – “Buca Small” which feeds about two people and “Buca Large” which feeds four or more. For a well-balanced meal, we recommend garlic bread and a fresh-tossed signature salad for the table.

    Buca Specialties To-Go

    Sometimes going out to eat can seem like even more of a chore than cooking a dinner at home would be! Between getting everybody loaded into the car and making sure everyone’s minding their restaurant manner’s, in practice, a family outing isn’t always as relaxing as it sounds in concept. Thankfully, there’s takeaway which offers the best of both worlds – your family can unwind at home, enjoying some amazing food, and you don’t even have to cook it. Our to-go orders can be ready in just 30 minutes and ordering online or over the phone is easy.  

    A Week’s Worth of Dinners

    If you’re anticipating a particularly time-pressed few days, a catering pan may be just what you and your family needs to stay on track! We have half pans with about ten servings each available for most of our catering menu items. This is an ideal quantity for a larger family. Order one at the beginning of the week and go about your daily activities confidently, knowing that family dinner is not only all taken care of – it’s also dang delicious! Homey classics like Spaghetti, Lasagna and Eggplant Parmesan are all available in these convenient catering pans.

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  • How to Plan the Perfect Event in 24 Hours!


    Event planning doesn’t have to be a weeks-long process. Planning a special party, dinner or convention can be done in less than a day, particularly if you gather up an event planning team to work with first. The staff at Buca di Beppo may not be able to replace a boutique event planning company, but they can certainly help you out when you’ve got to put something together fast!

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    Here are 6 easy steps for coordinating an event that’ll exceed your guests’ expectations…  

    1. Set a Date

    One thing you’ll need to know in order to tackle the rest of the planning process is when your event will happen. Depending on the scale of your function, you may want to set a date a month or more in advance. Even if the bulk of the planning can be done in just 24 hours, your invitees should be given ample time to anticipate the event and adjust their calendars if need be. We can take reservations for our restaurant and our catering service many weeks in advance.

    1. Know Your Budget

    A surprise bill can really make an otherwise lovely event seem like… kind of a rip-off. Setting a budget at the get-go can prevent that unfortunate feeling. Opting for more affordable features when possible can also prevent it. At Buca di Beppo, we’ve got loads of experience working with a range of budgets. Our large, shareable entrée sizes and our variety of seating options make us a budget-friendly event locale.      

    1. Pick a Theme

    Every great party has a unifying theme or objective. It might be as simple as a color scheme for a birthday or as complicated as a customized menu for a carefully branded night out. Defining the event with a theme can provide inspiration for the decorations you display, the food you serve and more.  

    1. Find the Perfect Venue

    Our banquet rooms and dining rooms are well-suited for many themes. Our wine room, for example, is the perfect spot for a wine tasting or for a romantic event and we think a Mediterranean-themed wedding would look right at home in any of our banquet spaces. Of course, if you’re going for a specific setting but still want to enjoy classic Italian eats, we also offer yummy off-premises catering.

    1. Plan the Menu

    What makes any gathering of people festive and fun? Food, of course! Our food just naturally brings people together and puts them at ease. Gather at Buca or make selections from our catering menu for event refreshments that shine!

    1. Inform the Guests

    Whether you want to mail out formal invites, create an e-vite or just send out a group text, letting the event attendants know about the event might be the last thing you do while planning, as well as one of the most important. Use the invitation as an opportunity to build the excitement around your big day.    

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