Month: November 2015

  • Planning Memorable Farewell and Retirement Parties for Special Employees

     Retirement Party Ideas

    Throughout the years at a company, employees will leave who you want to celebrate before they move on. Whether the employee is retiring or moving to a new city, a party is a great way to show them how much they meant to you, their fellow employees, and the company. By taking the time to celebrate the employee’s past accomplishments as well as their future endeavors, you not only show respect for the honoree but the rest of your staff as well.

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    Invite the guest of honor’s work colleagues, family, and friends. Also consider inviting outside vendors and associates in other departments who the honoree had close relationships with. Send invitations to the guests several weeks before the party and reach out to anyone who may be interested in making a short speech highlighting the honoree’s accomplishments. You may want to organize these speeches chronologically from their first day at the company through their most recent positions and achievements.

    Plan a loose outline of the event with speeches at the beginning of the party. Decorate the area you will be holding the festivities with a theme to represent the honoree’s next phase in life. A hobby theme such as golf, fishing, or sports is great for a retiree and a travel theme highlighting the new city your honoree will be moving to is a fun idea for a farewell party. A powerpoint presentation or rotating display of photographs playing throughout the party will make the honoree feel special and spark conversations.

    A thoughtful touch to give the honoree a way to remember the day would be to place a blank book on a nearby table where each guest can write something about the guest of honor. Have someone take photographs of the party and then add them to the book before presenting the special piece of memorabilia to your honoree.

    Decide on a menu and where the food will be set up during the party. If you are celebrating in the office, you may want to have all the food in the break room or set up a buffet area. If you are hosting the party at an outside venue, make your reservations as soon as you have an idea as to how many people may be attending. We love parties and would love to provide your event with everyone’s favorite Italian dishes. Whether you are looking to have your party catered or celebrate in our dining and banquet rooms, we will supply everything you need. Plastic plates, utensils, and napkins are included with every catering order and our warm, attentive staff will take care of your party’s every need when you visit us. Food and celebrations go hand in hand so let Buca di Beppo help you and your staff celebrate that special someone who has worked hard and will be missed. We would love to be invited to your party, so give us a call today and we can start planning together.

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  • Brace Yourself for Black Friday with These Dos and Don’ts

    Black Friday 

    Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season but Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season. After the leftovers are packed away and the last dish is washed, thoughts quickly turn from stuffing to shopping. This year is predicted to be bigger than ever, with the National Retail Federation expecting holiday sales to increase 3.7% over last year’s, making the total a whopping $630.7 billion spent by consumers! For less stress and more fun while out shopping this Black Friday, here are a few dos and don’ts:

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    • Pick up a newspaper the Sunday before Thanksgiving to check out the hottest items at each store.
    • Look for coupons and compare price match policies before you head out. Know what qualifies and bring those Sunday flyers with you as proof of the competing price to be matched.
    • Make a list and stick to it. It will be easy to be swayed by in-store advertisements, other shoppers, and general excitement. You are less likely to blow your budget if you spend some time planning before you get to the stores.
    • Consider which in-store specials are truly worth standing in line for. Some items such as clothing may be marked down further online on Cyber Monday. Also, toys are usually cheapest during the first two weeks of December.
    • Have a plan and map it out. Traffic will already be heavy, so figure out the easiest route for you to take that will include all the stores you want to visit.
    • Be prepared. Have a full phone battery, phone charger, water, snacks, and comfortable shoes, as well as appropriate outer wear if you plan on standing outside before store openings.
    • Consider how you will get your goods home. Some stores offer free shipping online which can save you from trying to fit a large object into your vehicle.
    • Increased traffic and decreased parking spaces are easier to conquer as a team.


    • Don’t rely solely on the flyers in the paper. There are multiple websites that have the scoop on unadvertised specials. Research deal aggregator sites and check out your favorite stores’ and products’ social media sites.
    • Don’t carry your giant everyday purse. Consider a cross body bag with necessities only. You will be thankful when you are carrying your purchases to not have the added weight.
    • Don’t bring young children. Their patience will wear out and that means yours will too.
    • Don’t be rude to fellow shoppers and clerks.
    • Don’t forget to secure your purchases. If you are planning on storing items in your car between stores, do not leave in plain sight for thieves. Bring a large blanket to cover bigger items and store smaller items under seats.
    • Don’t forget to treat yourself. Whether it’s a fancy coffee or a gorgeous pair of gloves, budget a little something for yourself.

    Be sure that Buca di Beppo is a part of your shopping crew’s Black Friday. Whether you are refueling before you head back out for more deals or have shopped until you’ve dropped, let us restore you with a delicious meal. Relax, laugh over your day, and high-five each other on your purchases, while we take care of the meal….and the dishes!

    Busy with Your Black Friday Shopping?  Refuel and Have a Great Lunch or Dinner with Buca!

  • Caring for Your Out of Town Guests This Thanksgiving

     Restaurant Reservations

    Holidays mean out of town guests, which can lead to a lot of logistics surrounding who is staying where. Whether it is your grandchildren, friends, or third cousins, if your situation permits, you may be opening up your home to guests this Thanksgiving. A little advanced planning will help you and your house guests feel the most comfortable. Discuss daily plans and sleeping arrangements with them before they arrive so they will know what to expect during their visit.

    Enjoy the Company of Your Guest Let Buca Cater a Meal For You Tonight!

    If your guests are arriving to your home on their own and have not visited you before, email and text your address and phone number a few days beforehand. If you are picking up your guests, be sure to have their travel itinerary (with train / flight numbers) a few days before their arrival.

    Be sure your guests’ bed is outfitted with freshly laundered sheets and pillowcases, and a nice pillow or two. A bedside light for reading will make a room feel more welcoming and a small vase with flowers is a nice touch. Store extra blankets in the closet and make a space for your guests to hang some of their clothes or consider purchasing a garment rack. If you have a dresser in your guest bedroom, clear a drawer or two so your guests aren’t living entirely out of their suitcases. You may want to consider a leaving a short list with information such as your wi-fi password, household quirks (the shower handles are backward) and rules (no smoking. don’t let the cat out.) If they will be coming and going from your home without you, provide them with a spare key so they can lock up when they leave and aren’t relying on you to let them in.

    Stock your guest bathroom with plenty of clean towels, toilet paper, and shower necessities. A basket filled with small-sized toiletries is often appreciated by guests who may have forgotten something.

    Stock your refrigerator with beverages and your pantry with snacks. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen counter and make things easy to find, such as a basket with granola bars for the early risers. Put coffee cups by the coffee maker as well as setting out some plates, bowls, and utensils.

    Check your local websites, newspaper and magazines for upcoming events and leave these in your guests’ room so they can browse them as well. Decide ahead of time what each day will entail in regards to outings and entertainment. You may be interested in doing everything together for their entire stay or you may be otherwise occupied and want your guests to have all the information necessary to plan their own outing.

    A major point that needs consideration for you and your guests is food. An easy solution to this necessary part of your plan is to bring your guests to Buca di Beppo. Whether you are looking for a great place to gather when your hungry guests arrive after their travels, a meeting place for everyone after their Black Friday shopping, or a delicious traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, Buca di Beppo will make you and your guests feel right at home.

    Treat Your Guest Right and Have a Fun and Exciting Meal at Buca!

  • How to Perfectly Carve Your Turkey


    Thanksgiving tables will be full of sweet potatoes, pies, and casseroles, but the star of the Thanksgiving meal is the turkey. Anyone can tell you they look forward to seeing the beautiful bird, but they are more excited to taste the final results.

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    So after you’ve selected the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving meal and prepared it exactly as you wanted, how do you get your delicious (stuffed / brined / fried) bird onto your guests’ plates? Even the most experienced chef is sometimes flustered when it comes to the final steps of Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few pointers to guide you through carving your Thanksgiving turkey as neat and orderly as possible. 


    1. Be sure to have a carving board and platter, a carving fork, and a sharp knife.
    2. Remove the string tying the legs together. Do this carefully to avoid splattering any juices.
    3. Position the turkey breast side up, legs facing away from you, on the cutting board.

    Legs / Drumsticks:

    1. Pull a leg away from the bird until the ball joint pops out of socket at the hip, separating the leg and thigh from the bird. Use a knife to cut through the joint and pull the leg away from the body of the bird.
    2. Place the leg on the cutting board, cut between the drumstick bone and the thigh bone, removing the drumsticks.
    3. Hold a drumstick vertically on the cutting board and cut straight down along the bone, rotating until all the meat is removed.
    4. Slice this meat at an angle and arrange on the platter.
    5. Repeat for the other drumstick.


    1. Lay a thigh skin-side down on your cutting board. From end to end, cut along each side of the bone.
    2. Cut this meat at an angle and place it on your platter.
    3. Repeat for the other thigh.


    1. Pull each wing away from the body to see the attachment point.
    2. Insert the tip of your knife between the wing’s ball joint and socket, then cut through the joint.
    3. Repeat for the other wing


    1. Make a long, thin cut down the center of the breast on the breastbone. Position your knife on one side of the breastbone and slice downward, staying as close to the bone as possible.
    2. Use your other hand to pull the breast meat away from the ribcage and cut along the bottom of the breast to completely remove it from the ribcage.
    3. Slice the breast meat against the grain, keeping the skin attached. Transfer these pieces to your platter.
    4. Repeat for the other breast.

    Here at Buca di Beppo we send you and your family warm wishes for a wonderful day. We are thankful that you allow us to be a part of your lives throughout the year and hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with friends, family, and the most delicious turkey your guests have ever eaten. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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  • How to Host a Perfect Holiday Party

     Party Plannin

    The end of the calendar year brings lots of holidays and celebrations. Hosting the perfect holiday party requires some pre-planning and a festive outlook. First, you need to decide when you want to have your party. Choose a date that works for key guests. Everyone is very busy at this time of year and it is inevitable that someone will be unable to attend. You can’t accommodate everyone’s schedules so focus on a few that are absolutely vital to your gathering. Next, send out your invitations. Whether you choose online or traditional paper invitations isn’t as important as the fact that you actually send them out. They allow your guests a reference point as the party approaches to verify times, address, and attire, also the RSVPs will determine your menu planning.

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    If you will be hosting your holiday party at your home, you can begin preparing your space a few days before the event. Clean your house, rearrange your furniture, and establish an area for guests’ coats. You may want to make a playlist featuring a mix of holiday classics and current favorites. Prepare your powder room with extra hand towels, tissues, and a scented candle. Begin emptying your ice maker basket into clean plastic bags and storing in your freezer or designate someone to pick up a few bags from the store immediately before the party begins.

    The day of your party you can set up your beverage area. Don’t try to offer every spirit and spend your whole evening playing bartender. Have a signature drink for your guests such as a sparkling punch. This paired with beer, wine, bottled water, and sodas will accommodate everyone’s drink wishes. Have nuts placed throughout the party area and set out plates, silverware, napkins, and glasses near where your food will be. Also have serving bowls, platters, and serving utensils ready for your dishes and anything your guests bring. Just before your guests are set to arrive: light your candles, dim your lights, and put on some music.

    Offer appetizers to hold your guests over before the meal is ready. Serving a meal buffet style generally works best and is most comfortable for guests. If you aren’t sure what sort of a menu you should have, let Buca di Beppo help. Our half and full Party Pans and Celebration Packages offer everything you need; from salads and appetizers, to entrees and desserts.

    If you want to have a holiday party but your place is too small or the thought of having everyone in your home stresses you out, host your event at a favorite venue. Buca di Beppo’s dining and banquet rooms are a perfect gathering place for your holiday party. You and your guests will enjoy delicious Italian specialties and receive attentive service from our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    Call Buca di Beppo to make your reservations and start planning your holiday party menu today. Then let everyone know that this year the party’s at Buca!

  • Start a New Tradition This Thanksgiving: Let Buca di Beppo Cater Your Meal


    The fourth Thursday in November is cherished as a day for gathering with your family and friends. Too often the joy of this day is overshadowed by the pressure to cook a massive meal for your guests. While some people love being in the kitchen, making an elaborate meal, some people dread the idea. Maybe you don’t have the space for more than one chef in your kitchen. Maybe you don’t want multiple well-meaning guests asking you where your mixers or utensils are. Maybe you don’t want your mother-in-law constantly inquiring about the status of the turkey and offering her suggestions of how she would have done it differently. Maybe you simply want to spend more time with your guests. Whatever your reason, it’s no wonder that thoughts about Thanksgiving meals can cause a lot of stress. The traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings requires a lot of time, energy, and organization beforehand as well as on the day of celebration. The combination of planning your menu, purchasing ingredients, prepping casseroles, the logistics of cooking multiple dishes at varying temperatures, the pressure to perfectly present an ideal bird, and the endless cleanup, add up and become enormously time consuming. Even if you try the “pot luck” option and everyone agrees to bring a dish, that calls for organization, planning, and preparation by a hostess as well as each person individually.

    Make Your Thanksgiving Great and Order Buca Catering for Your Thanksgiving Meal!

    This year vow to give yourself more time to spend with your family and friends by letting us take the work out of your Thanksgiving meal. From starters and salads to main courses and desserts, Buca di Beppo will provide delicious Italian specialties for your Thanksgiving so you can focus on entertaining your guests. We can even accommodate every guests’ specific dietary needs, from vegetarian, vegan, low fat, to gluten-free.

    Check out our menu and place your order by giving us a call or filling out our online order form. We can even help you plan the perfect menu to feed your family and friends. Whether you’re feeding a dozen people or a hundred, no gathering is too big or too small.

    After considering the time, effort, and expense spent preparing a giant meal for your guests, the budget-friendly options at Buca di Beppo make more sense. Why be stressed or exhausted? You should enjoying your day with your guests, not sweating and stressing about the details of your Thanksgiving meal. Start a new tradition this year with a family feast from Buca di Beppo. Everyone will love our delicious food and no one will need to run around town looking for an ingredient, bump into a fellow chef in a hot kitchen, or wake up before sunrise to start cooking. Let us take care of your Thanksgiving meal this year so that you can put the focus where it should be….on your family and friends.

    Make Your Thanksgiving Great and Order Buca Catering for Your Thanksgiving Meal!




  • Receive a Reward for doing your Holiday Shopping with Buca

    Receive a Reward for doing your Holiday Shopping with Buca

    Back by popular demand, Buca di Beppo is once again rewarding guests for shopping for the holidays at Buca!  For every $50 spent on Buca di Beppo gift card purchases, Buca will provide shoppers with a $10 Reward Card.*  All you need to do is choose the # of cards and the denominations of each card for the giftees on your  holiday list!  For example, purchase 15 $10 Buca di Beppo gift cards (for a total of $150) for all your family, friends, co-workers or employees, and you receive THREE $10 Buca Rewards Cards JUST FOR YOU!  That’s $30 for you to use at a future visit to Buca di Beppo!*

    Buca’s special Holiday Reward Program is valid for gift card purchases at your local neighborhood Buca di Beppo restaurants as well as online at

    Friends and family are sure to think you’re giving the best present ever!

    A good time out for a bite to eat is always fun, and you can be sure everyone will have fun at Buca di Beppo.  It’s a feel-good kind of place where your loved ones will find delicious food and great service in a delightful atmosphere.  Dishes are served family-style and are meant to be shared.  Each restaurant’s décor includes vintage photos and outrageous memorabilia encouraging conversation and laughter.  And Buca’s staff knows how to make sure everybody has a good time.

    If you’re lucky, your gift card recipients will take you along when they redeem their holiday gift, so it’s possible you’ll get a number of delicious meals from grateful loved ones and friends. 

    Gifts cards suit everyone! 

    Gift cards make the best holiday gift for Mom and Dad, boyfriends and girlfriends, employees and co-workers, too.  And, keeping recipients in mind, gift cards are the best presents to re-gift! There are even gift card exchange websites for swappers.

    Giving gift cards for the holidays, especially Buca di Beppo gift cards, is a win-win. Decide what you can spend on everyone on your list, then finish shopping and shipping in 30 minutes or less!  Family and friends will be thrilled to receive your gift cards, especially for a fun place like Buca!

    Gift cards are easy and fast to buy and ship.

    Buca di Beppo gift cards are available at local neighborhood restaurants and online.  By shopping at Buca online, you don’t need to leave your home to shop.  And recipients can get what they want, when they want it. The best gift cards to give are those that never expire, like those from Buca.

    Include a Custom / Personalized Message with your gift.

    If you decide to purchase Buca gift cards online, you can include a personalized message with the gift card.  The personalized message and gift card can be mailed to your recipient or to you, whichever works best.

    Streamline your holiday shopping this year with gift cards from Buca di Beppo.  They’ll make the season merrier for you AND for those lucky enough to receive your gift!  And you’ll be rewarded for doing so!  Remember, now through 12/28/14 your gift card purchases qualify you to receive Buca’s Rewards Cards just for you.*   Visit your local Buca restaurant or now to start and finish your holiday shopping today!

    *To qualify for the Holiday Reward Card, purchaser may not buy and redeem any qualifying gift card(s) on the same day.  $10 Reward Cards are valid for redemption 1/1/15 through 2/12/15.

  • Traditional Turkey Meets Italian Classics: Thanksgiving at Buca di Beppo 

     Thanksgiving Dinner Reservations

    Stop stressing and forget about preparing a giant meal for everyone this Thanksgiving. With out of town houseguests, kids home from college, and extended family all wanting to come to your house for Thanksgiving visits, it’s enough to make even the most calm home cook a bit anxious. So why worry about doing it all yourself? Come to Buca di Beppo and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner without any of the work. Each Turkey Feast is served family style and feeds six adults. Enjoy sliced white meat turkey, home-style gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, all starting at $19 per person!*

    Come Join Us for Thanksgiving Lunch or Dinner. Click Here to Make a Reservation!

    Whether you like to have an early meal (we open at 11 a.m.) after you’ve watched the parade and want to get back home for some football, or like a late meal before heading out to the Black Friday sales, we can get your family fed and probably send you all home with leftovers. We can accommodate just about any size group of guests that you would like to gather and share a Thanksgiving meal with. No doubt your group is sure to love our restaurant’s atmosphere and our staff will take special care of each and every person in your party. This Thanksgiving, rather than waiting on all your guests yourself, let us wait on them and take care of you, too.

    Our traditional Italian offerings are all available Thanksgiving Day as well. From our appetizers to our desserts, each item is prepared using fresh ingredients and served family style, guaranteeing that no one will walk away hungry. Try a seafood appetizer platter before your Turkey Feast or order all your favorite classic pizzas, pastas, and entrees. No matter the combination everyone will be sure to be pleased. Plus, our hot, fresh bread will have you wondering why you ever thought those canned rolls were a good idea in the first place.  

    Thanksgiving is definitely about food, but it is also about family. This year, instead of spending the day away from your family in a hot kitchen, spend more time with them and let Buca di Beppo take care of your Thanksgiving meal. Just think: no running around town with a grocery list, no endless preparations of a full menu, and no dishes!

    Space fills up quickly so don’t delay. Make your reservation today for spending Thanksgiving with Buca di Beppo. Everyone will be so glad you did!

     *When a Buca Large Thanksgiving Feast is shared by six people. Pricing subject to change and may vary by location.

    Come Join Us for Thanksgiving Lunch or Dinner. Click Here to Make a Reservation!

  • Catering Holiday Events Saves Time, Cost, and Sanity

     Holiday Catering

    The holiday season means an increase in social gatherings. Between office parties, children’s performances, religious celebrations, and the arrival of out of town guests, you may wonder how in the world you are going to fit it all in. On top of that, you know that everyone is always hungry. Before you begin to panic about how you will feed everyone, consider the easiest option: catering. Many people think they can provide the food for an event for less than the cost of catering. Before you do this, it is important to take an honest look at what you would spend if you prepared a menu yourself, as well as factor in time spent gathering the ingredients and cooking all the dishes. If you are cooking for a crowd, you can easily spend the same amount that it would cost to cater your event, but with catering you save your time and the hassle. At this time of year everyone needs a little more of the former and a little less of the latter. Let the chefs at Buca di Beppo do what they do best, prepare scrumptious family-style Italian entrees, so you can spend your time doing the hundreds of things that you need to do.

    Book Your Holiday Catering with Us Here!

    A great catering option to consider is your Thanksgiving meal. Let us reduce the stress and anxiety of producing a perfect Thanksgiving meal on your own, and allow you to spend the day with your friends and family. This Thanksgiving Buca di Beppo is offering a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal with an Italian flair. Our Thanksgiving Feast includes sliced white meat turkey, home-style gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce. Add some of our regular menu items such as traditional pastas, fresh salads, and mouth-watering garlic bread to create a catered meal customized to your party.

    During the holiday season, businesses want to show their appreciation to their workers and give them a chance to celebrate. Whether you are interested in providing lunch for your office or planning a party for the whole company, Buca’s got you covered. We can work with you every step of the way to make sure your menu is full of everyone’s favorites and meet your budget.

    Are you in charge of refreshments following a holiday event? Even celebrations held at non-meal times tend to have some sort of snack or dessert. Consider a dessert bar featuring our Dolce Platters, an array of tiramisu, double dark chocolate cake, homemade cheesecake and Italian crème cake.

    No matter the reason, Buca has the perfect answer for feeding your guests. We even provide you with plastic plates, utensils, and napkins with every order so you don’t need to worry about anything standing between your guests and our freshly prepared offerings. Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner at home, a meal for your staff, or any other gathering this season, let Buca di Beppo cater it so you can spend more time enjoying it!

    Book Your Holiday Catering with Us Here!