Month: July 2017

  • Enjoy Comfort Food at Its Finest on Lasagna Day, July 29

    Whether you’ve had a rough day or you’re looking to celebrate, comfort food is what you crave. Offering a taste of home, most Americans tend to gravitate toward warm, hearty, comforting classics like lasagna. This laboriously crafted dish originally debuted in Naples, Italy, during the Middle Ages, but was a far cry from the mouthwatering lasagna you dream about. We can thank the wonderful Italian cooks who immigrated to America in the late 1800s for the layered dish that we love today. There are currently dozens of different lasagna recipes featuring a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, ragùs, Béchamel and tomato sauces, cheeses, wines, and spices; but the most common combination features layers of pasta, meat sauce, and cheeses.

    Make a Reservation Now and Celebrate Lasagna Day at Buca!

    Lasagna Day….in July?

    Originally only served on special occasions, lasagna loves being the star of the show. Whenever you see and smell a lasagna bubbling in the oven, you just can’t wait to sit down to a heaping helping of flavors. However, Lasagna Day falls right in the middle of summer, when the last thing you want to do is heat up your kitchen. That’s when you turn to your favorite Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo!

    Let Us Serve You

    Lasagna was originally only created for special occasions, but at Buca we think every day is a special occasion. That’s why our menu always includes our special lasagna featuring towering layers of meat sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan. Come to your local Buca and enjoy one of America’s most loved Italian dishes in one of our cool and comfortable dining rooms.

    Let Us Cater

    We can bring your favorite comfort food to you! Our Party Pans can feed up to 20 hungry adults and our Half Pans can feed up to 10. Have a get together with your friends and family or treat your staff to a variety of our Italian creations on Lasagna Day and every day!

    Buca To Go

    Pick up a Buca Small or Buca Large dish to take to your home or event. Our mouthwatering lasagna is also a great way to welcome a new neighbor or support a family with a new baby. Give us a call to place your order and we’ll have your selections ready for you at your requested time, so you can pick up and be on your way.

    Don’t miss out on Lasagna Day! If you don’t have the time to create your own lasagna or it’s just too hot to bake in your kitchen, don’t worry, Buca can help. Come to your favorite Buca to dine with us, or call to place a catering or To Go order today!

    Make a Reservation Now and Celebrate Lasagna Day at Buca!

  • Feast on Italian Favorites at This Year’s Family Reunion

    You may keep in touch with your extended family throughout the year by phone, email, or social media, but nothing beats a personal gathering. A family reunion provides an opportunity to reconnect with your family members and maybe even meet some for the first time. Everyone will love the opportunity to get together, catch up and make new memories, especially while enjoying a delicious meal. Whether you’re planning a full weekend of festivities or a single gathering, let Buca help you make your family reunion unforgettable. Don’t spend your precious time coordinating a potluck or preparing an entire meal for your group, come to Buca or let us cater your event.

    Bring Your Party to Buca and Reserve a Banquet Room Today!

    Book a Banquet Room

    Our fun and festive semi-private dining rooms are uniquely decorated, comfortable, and inviting, making Buca the perfect place for hosting your family reunion. Our amazing staff makes sure that everyone is enjoying themselves, taking a little pressure off the reunion hosts. When it comes to your meal, rest assured that no one will leave your reunion hungry. With our fresh salads, authentic Italian pastas, succulent seafood dishes, and vegetarian options, we offer an amazing variety of lunch and dinner options for family reunions. Select from one of our banquet packages or allow your guests to choose their own Italian favorites.

    Let Us Cater to You

    Whether you’re expecting a dozen cousins or several hundred relatives, Buca can feed your whole family! Our fantastic Celebration Packages and Party Pans, are event-ready and accompanied by convenient, disposable utensils and plates for all of your guests. Select a catering package or build your own. A single full-size Buca di Beppo Party Pan serves up to 20 adults and our Half Pans feed up to 10 adults. Mix and match to make the perfect combination of offerings for your crowd. We also provide cool beverages to accompany everyone’s meal and delicious desserts to end your meal on a sweet note. We strive to make your catering experience as easy as possible. Call us at 877-955-2822 or order online to get started.

    At Buca, we know families and we know what families like to eat. We can provide everything you need to host an amazing reunion in one of our beautiful dining rooms or we can bring all of our wonderful Italian creations to you, wherever your family is gathering. You bring the crowd, we’ll provide the feast! With Buca taking care of all the details for you, your reunion is bound to be a delicious success.

    Order Buca Catering Today!

  • I scream. You scream. We all scream for National Ice Cream Day!

    This year, July 16 isn’t your regular summer Sunday, it’s National Ice Cream Day! On July 9, 1984 President Ronald Reagan declared July “National Ice Cream Month” and July 15, 1984, as “National Ice Cream Day” with Presidential Proclamation 5219. While the resolution only mentioned a specific month and day in 1984, National Ice Cream Day is now celebrated every year on the third Sunday in July.

    Come to Buca this Sunday and Enjoy Some Delicious Gelato for Desert!

    We invite you to Buca for National Ice Cream Day, National Ice Cream Month, and any other day you want a sweet treat to cool you down. The newest addition to our dessert menu, our vanilla, raspberry, and pistachio artisan gelato is rich, dense, and topped off with sugar cones. A delicious treat for any day of the year.

    What’s the difference between ice cream and gelato?

    • Ingredients: Gelato and ice cream each contain cream, milk, and sugar, but gelato uses more milk and less cream than ice cream. Gelato also doesn’t use a common ice cream ingredient—egg yolks.
    • Butterfat and flavor: Ice cream usually contains between 14% – 25% butterfat while gelato usually contains between 4% – 9% butterfat. Less butterfat to coat your tongue allows for a more intense flavor experience.
    • Air: Ice cream is churned fast and hard to whip in air, increasing its volume and giving it a fluffy texture. Gelato contains less air because it is churned at a much slower speed, keeping it dense, fluid, and creamy.
    • Serving Temperature: Ice cream can be nearly frozen solid but the air in its mix means it can still be easily scooped. If gelato were stored at the same low temperature as ice cream, it would become a frozen block. Because gelato is served slightly warmer than ice cream, you can also taste it better because your tongue is less numb!

    Celebrate National Ice Cream Day by sharing a true taste of Italy with your family and friends! Come in and try a scoop of our vanilla, raspberry, or pistachio gelato. If you still prefer ice cream, then we suggest our eye-popping, mouthwatering Colossal Brownie Sundae. We create this masterpiece by layering twelve decadent chunks of freshly baked brownies with six scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and then top your sundae with caramel and chocolate sauces, whipped cream, and a cherry! Come to Buca for all your ice cream and gelato treats on National Ice Cream day and every other day this summer!

    Come to Buca this Sunday and Enjoy Some Delicious Gelato for Desert!