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  • Perfect Choices for Lent: 2 Scrumptious Seasonal Seafood Offerings


    This year, Lent begins on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 and ends on Thursday, April 13, 2017. At Buca di Beppo we are offering two delicious seafood pasta specials to coincide with the Lenten season: our Linguine & Clams features linguine tossed with baby clams, Italian herbs, garlic, white wine, and our rich butter sauce and our Shrimp Scampi features shrimp sautéed with garlic, white wine, Italian herbs & lemon butter tossed with spaghetti. They’re all so delicious, how could we ever choose a favorite? Come into Buca today and order one (or all) of these scrumptious seasonal seafood offerings and try to decide for yourself!

    Come in to Buca di Beppo for Two New Scrumptious Seasonal Seafood Offerings

    Wine Pairings for Our Seasonal Specials 

    When choosing a wine to pair with your seasonal seafood pasta dish, look to the sauce in your dish for your best match. A white wine pairs well with our Linguine & Clams and our Shrimp Scampi. Opt for a light and crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio to accompany these pasta dishes.

    Nutritional Benefits of Shrimp and Clams

    With almost 20 grams of protein in just 3-ounces, shrimp provide just a few grams less protein than a 3-ounce chicken breast. Shrimp also contain over 75% of the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin B12, over 50% of the DV for phosphorous, and over 30% of the DV for choline, copper, and iodine. In addition to their high nutrient value, shrimp also possess the antioxidants astaxanthin, (which helps reduce inflammation) and selenium (a mineral that plays a role in immunity and thyroid function as well as helps fight free radicals). Clams are a low fat, high protein seafood choice with an above average amount of healthful minerals. A 3-ounce serving of clams provides 1,401% of the DV of vitamin B12, 78% of the DV of selenium, 132% of the DV of iron!

    When you’re looking for meals to fit your dietary needs during Lent, come to Buca for our two delicious seafood specials. Our Linguine & Clams and our Shrimp Scampi are available in Lunch, Buca Small or Buca Large sizes. Our Buca Small serves 2 to 3 and our Buca Large serves up to five hungry seafood lovers. Visit your local Buca and try these delicious specials before they’re gone!

    Come in to Buca di Beppo for Two New Scrumptious Seasonal Seafood Offerings

  • Bring Home the Love with Buca Valentine’s Day To-Go Packages

    Italian Restaurant for Valentines Day

    The festive day of hearts and flowers is right around the corner. That’s right, Valentine’s Day! We love when our guests come visit us on February 14th, but we know that everyone likes to celebrate in their own way. That’s why we are offering two super special Valentine’s Day To-Go Packages! Now, no matter how you plan on celebrating, you can be sure to include a delicious meal of Italian specialties from Buca di Beppo!

    Spending a Romantic Night at Home?  Bring Home Buca!

    For three days only, from February 12th through February 14th, we are offering two extra special Valentine’s Day To-Go Packages for $49.99 each. Our “Classic Love” package features Heart-shaped lasagna, your choice of mixed green salad or Caesar salad, garlic bread, and 3 cannoli. Our “Spicy Love” package features Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, your choice of mixed green salad or Caesar salad, spicy garlic bread, and 3 cannoli. Each package feeds up to 3 people, so depending on the size of your celebration, bring home the love by picking up one (or several) of our Valentine’s Day Packages. But that’s not all! We are also offering a FREE Heart-Shaped Pizza with ALL online orders from February 12th through February 14th! Simply add the free pizza to your online cart then purchase a To Go item.

    Whether your plans include a romantic candlelit dinner or picnic at home, family movie night with all the kiddos, or a few friends celebrating together, you can still include Buca in your celebration! Our Valentine’s Day To-Go packages are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Want to add some extra sweetness to your Valentine’s Day celebration? Add a homemade cheesecake, tiramisu, or chocolate chip cannoli to your To-Go order and end your fantastic, Italian, Valentine’s Day meal on a sweet note.

    February 14th is a special day to show your love to the important people in your life. No matter where or how you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day, bring home the love with Buca di Beppo Valentine’s Day To-Go Packages!

    Spending a Romantic Night at Home?  Bring Home Buca!

  • The True MVP of the Big Game: Buca di Beppo


    Anticipation and excitement are high for the pinnacle of football that only happens once a year. The Big Game provides the perfect opportunity to gather all of your football-loving family and friends for a party at your home or other fun venue. Even non-football lovers want to get in on the fun. With million dollar commercials and eye-popping halftime shows, there’s something for everyone, just like Buca has an amazing assortment of delicious dishes for everyone! Forget trying to cook a big meal or having your guests bring something of their own. Let Buca take care of all the delicious details so everyone can focus on the fun! Whether you’re just having a few friends over or you’ve invited the whole neighborhood, Buca will work with you to create your perfect game day menu.

    Order Catering for Your Big Game Party Here!

    We Bring the Party to You: Catering

    A member of our fantastic Buca staff can bring your selections direct to your door or venue of your choosing,* so your feast will be ready for guests when they arrive. Our Italian Feast Packages are always a hit or you can customize your order to include the exact selection and sizes of salads, entrees, side dishes, and desserts specifically suited for your crowd. Our Half Party Pans feed up to 10 adults and our Full Party Pans serve up to 20 and our most popular catered dishes are our cheesy Baked Ziti, our saucy Spaghetti, and our Ravioli options. Your options are limitless! We also provide all the necessary dining ware (plastic plates, utensils, and napkins) to accompany your order. From planning to cooking, and setting up to cleaning, Buca catering packages are guaranteed to please the most fanatical football fans and satisfy even the biggest appetites.

    Pick Up the Party: To-Go

    If you want to pick up and transport your Big Game feast yourself, Buca’s To-Go menu offers a diverse selection of tasty options, allowing you to tailor your To-Go order to fit your group’s needs. Smaller same-day orders can often be ready within three hours of your call** and if you give us a description of your vehicle, we can bring the food out to the curbside. We will also include plastic plates, serving and eating utensils, napkins and tablecloths to help you save time and stay on schedule.

    No matter your Big Game plans, one thing’s for sure…everyone’s going to be hungry. That’s why you need to invite the true Big Game MVP to your party…Buca di Beppo! Call us or place your order online today!

    Order Catering for Your Big Game Party Here!

    *Check with your local Buca to see if your location is included.

    ** with the exception of some items needing 24 hours notice.



  • Come to Buca for a Classic Italian Sunday Dinner


    Modern families have full, busy schedules that make it difficult to sit down to a meal together every night. Is your family juggling after-school programs, music lessons, sports practices, and long workdays? When the weekend rolls around, the last thing you want to do is spend a day shopping for ingredients and preparing a big meal, right? Buca to the rescue! Our Classic Italian Sunday Dinners are the perfect cure for the busy family blues!

    Book Your Sunday Dinner with Buca Today!

    Feast on Fabulous Food

    Feed your family for only $12 per person with our Classic Italian Sunday Dinners*! Our Small Dinners ($36) serve 3 and our Large Dinners ($60) serve 5. Start your meal with a choice of one of two fresh salads, our crunchy Caesar Salad or our colorful Mixed Green Salad. Our Caesar salad is a classic mix of romaine lettuce hearts tossed in our signature Caesar dressing with roasted garlic croutons and Parmesan. Our Mixed Green Salad is as beautiful as it is delicious, featuring mixed lettuce tossed in our signature Italian vinaigrette with Roma tomatoes, red onions, pepperoncini peppers and black and green olives. After your salad, your eyes will pop and your mouth will water when our servers deliver a heaping, family-style portion of Rigatoni with Marinara, Meatballs & Mild Italian Sausage to your table. Plus, no meal at Buca would be complete without Garlic Bread! All of this: your choice of Caesar or Mixed Green Salads, Rigatoni with Marinara, Meatballs & Mild Italian Sausage, and Garlic Bread, for just $12 per person! Sit down and spend time together over good food and good conversation at Buca this Sunday!

    Spend Sundays at Buca

    Show your family how important they are and set the tone for your upcoming week by gathering them around the table for some quality time and delicious food. Let us take care of what’s on the table, so you can better take care of the important people gathered around it! Our Classic Italian Sunday Dinners are only available for a limited time offer so don’t miss out! Put something you and your family really want to do on that busy schedule of yours, Sunday Dinner at Buca!

    Book Your Sunday Dinner with Buca Today!

    * Available for dine in on Sundays only. Must purchase Small or Large dinner. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. No substitutions.


  • Don’t Delay! Make Your Valentine’s Day Reservations Today

    Valentines Day Reservations

    Store aisles are overflowing with pink and purple hearts, which can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day! At Buca di Beppo we love love! We cook with love and love everyone who comes to dine with us. What better way to spend the day devoted to love than at a romantic Italian restaurant? This year, bring your special someone to Buca for a fabulously memorable meal. Our dining room will welcome you with its alluring ambience, complete with lots of fun and unique decorations. Our attentive wait staff will offer suggestions (like Heart-shaped Lasagna) and make sure that your every need is met as you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Our Heart-Shaped Lasagna includes choice of mixed green salad or Caesar salad, garlic bread and 3 cannoli.

    Make Your Valentine’s Day Reservation Here!

    Our chefs will prepare your selections using only the finest and freshest ingredients and when our authentic Italian dishes arrive at your table, you’ll see that they’re perfect for sharing. Don’t forget to end on a sweet note! Buca’s Homemade cheesecake, tiramisu, or chocolate chip cannoli are perfect endings to your romantic Valentine’s Day meal. If you want to be extra sweet, try a few Italian phrases for your special someone, like “mio amore” (my love), “tesoro mio” (my darling), “ti adoro” (I adore you), and “ti amo” (I love you).

    Looking to include the whole family or have a get together with all of your friends? Bring everyone to your local Buca or order a couple of our amazing Party Pans which feed up to 20 adults or our Half Pans which feed up to 10 adults. Our Party Pans are perfect for letting everyone try a variety of our specialties. Whether you join us at one of our restaurants or take some of our delicious dishes home for a romantic evening or a fun dinner with your friends or the whole family, we look forward to providing your fantastic, Italian, Valentine’s Day meal.

    February 14th is fast approaching! Don’t forget to plan ahead to enjoy this special holiday with your loved one(s) at Buca. Make your reservation now and relax knowing that your table will be waiting for you. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love at Buca di Beppo!

    Make Your Valentine’s Day Reservation Here!

  • The Importance of Family Meals

    family dinner

    Parents know that family meals are important but everyone is just so busy! Between work, school, homework, and extracurricular activities, family dinners tend to get pushed down on an ever expanding to-do list. The structure and warmth of routine family dinners carries benefits beyond the burdens that are probably holding you back (shopping, preparing, clean up, etc.) Buca wants to help you bring back the family meal! Put all your responsibilities and commitments on hold and focus on one another’s company at your local Buca. From the moment you and your family walk in the door our attentive staff will make you feel warm and welcome. Our skilled chefs will prepare your dishes with the utmost care and when you have all finished your meal, no one gets stuck with clean up duty! At Buca, you and your family can focus on the food and conversation, the best parts of any family meal.

    Bring Your Family to Buca.  Make Your Reservation Here!

    Feast on Favorites and Try Something New

    For generations, parents have been trying to get their children to eat more vegetables. At Buca, kids (and parents) love our wide variety of veggie offerings. Our Caesar, Apple Gorgonzola, Mixed Green, and Chopped Antipasti Salads and our Italian Broccoli Romano have made converts of many “nothing green, please” eaters. Our Bruschetta, Mozzarella Caprese, and marinara sauces are all loaded with vine-ripened tomatoes and we can add all sorts of vegetables to our pizza and pasta offerings. We’ve even cooked up two special Family Meals sure to please every member of your family. Our Regular Family Meal* features a choice of one Salad (Mixed Green or Caesar Salad), choice of one Pasta (Baked Ziti, Baked Rigatoni, Penne alla Vodka, or Spicy Chicken Rigatoni), and is served with Fresh Baked House Bread. Our Deluxe Family Meal* features a choice of one salad (Caesar Salad, Chopped Antipasto Salad, or Apple Gorgonzola Salad), choice of one Pasta (Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Baked Ziti, Baked Rigatoni, Penne alla Vodka, or Spicy Chicken Rigatoni), choice of one Entrée (Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Limone), and is served with Fresh Baked House Bread. A family meal is also the perfect opportunity to try different foods. All of our menu items are served family style so everyone can try each dish. Next time, order a tried and true favorite and try something new so everyone in the family can expand their tastes.

    Conversation Is a Two Way Street

    Make your family meal a time for your family to reconnect, not time to grill your kids about their day. Add some variety and think of new ways to start a conversation or play a dinner table game such as “Rose, Thorn, Bud” where each family member shares something good that happened that day (the rose), the worst part of their day (the thorn), and something they hope will happen tomorrow (the bud). Sharing these daily experiences will give the whole family insight into each family member’s day.


    Family dinners don’t have to be stressful or a hassle. Come to Buca and focus on what really matters: spending time with your family and enjoying a delicious meal. Start your new family meal tradition today!

    Bring Your Family to Buca.  Make Your Reservation Here!


  • Start 2017 on a Delicious Note:  Celebrate National Spaghetti Day on January 4

    National Spaghetti Day

    An emblem of Italian cuisine, spaghetti, the plural form of “spaghetto” meaning “thin string” or “twine” is frequently served with olive oil, herbed (oregano and basil) tomato sauce, meat, or vegetables. In Italian cuisine, the focus is on quality ingredients rather than elaborate preparation and it is this simplicity that make pasta dishes so appealing to diners of all ages, especially kids. What family doesn’t have a picture in one of their photo albums of a child in a high chair covered in spaghetti? Kids love slurping up the long noodles so much that in 1963, folk singer Tom Glazer wrote a silly song, “On Top of Spaghetti,” sung to the time of “On Top of Old Smoky”:

    Make a Reservation Today at Buca for National Spaghetti Day.

    “On top of spaghetti,

    All covered with cheese,

    I lost my poor meatball,

    When somebody sneezed.

    It rolled off the table,

    And on to the floor,

    And then my poor meatball,

    Rolled out of the door.”

    One of the first romantic kisses we saw onscreen occurred over a shared dish of spaghetti and meatballs in Lady and the Tramp and one of the most legendary dishes in all of cinema is Clemenza’s spaghetti with sausages and meatballs in The Godfather.

    At Buca di Beppo, we love every kind of pasta, but spaghetti holds a special place in our hearts. So much so that in March of 2010, our Garden Grove, California Buca di Beppo restaurant set the world record for the largest bowl of spaghetti by filling a swimming pool with over 13,780 pounds of pasta! While we might not be filling a swimming pool of spaghetti for you, the portions we bring to your table are eye-popping! Our Buca Smalls serve 2 to 3 adults and our Buca Larges serve up to 5 adults! That’s some serious spaghetti!

    Whether you like your spaghetti with marinara, meat sauce, or meatballs, be sure to indulge your love of pasta on January 4th in honor of National Spaghetti Day. Enjoy 50% off Spaghetti all day on January 4! Call today to make a reservation at your favorite neighborhood Buca or grab a few orders to-go if your schedule is busy. Don’t forget to add on a few of our other amazing menu items to create your own Italian feast! Mangia!

    Make a Reservation Today at Buca for National Spaghetti Day.






  • Make Your Christmas Reservations at Everyone’s Favorite Restaurant

    restaurants open on christmas

    This Christmas, make everyone happy with reservations at Buca di Beppo! We will be open Christmas Eve from 11 A.M to 9 P.M. and Christmas Day from 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. Our fun and festive dining room and semi-private banquet rooms are uniquely decorated, comfortable, and inviting. Plus, we can accommodate any sized party from an intimate gathering to a large banquet, so invite your immediate family or your entire extended family and all of your friends.

    Make Your Reservation for Christmas Eve or Day Here!

    Add some Italian flair to your Christmas meal and let your guests order individually off our amazing menu or create a customized set of selections, including antipasti, fresh salads, baked pastas, delicious entrees, decadent desserts, and refreshing beverages. Each of our menu items is prepared using fresh ingredients and in the spirit of Italian culture, served family style. This allows everyone the opportunity to try new dishes created with fresh ingredients by our master chefs, and guarantees that no one will walk away hungry. Several of our locations also offer drink ticket and bar packages to include cocktails, beer, and wine in your celebrations.

    We love hosting parties and like any good host we always make sure that everyone is well taken care of. You and your guests will receive attentive service from our knowledgable and friendly staff and our talented chefs will prepare a wonderful meal for everyone in your group…all you have to do is make a reservation! We are always having a party at Buca, so why should Christmas be any different? At Buca we love to celebrate and bring families and friends together. That’s why we’re the perfect choice for your Christmas meal. Let us take care of everything so you can focus on fun, quality time with your guests.

    At Buca we take care of everything! Make your Christmas dining and catering reservations today because space fills up quickly!

    Make Your Reservation for Christmas Eve or Day Here!

  • Give Your Guests the Gift of Delicious Christmas Catering


    ’Tis the season for celebrations! This Christmas make your holiday party festive and memorable. Let us bring a variety of scrumptious Italian dishes to your home or office Christmas party or wherever you are gathering this season. Your colleagues, friends, and family will love filling their plates with the delicious, Italian favorites they find at their neighborhood Buca di Beppo and you’ll love how our catering options put a smile on everyone’s face. At Buca di Beppo, we have an impeccable reputation for catering, because our chefs always provide your guests with an amazing Italian meal and our staff always goes the extra mile to help make your event a success!

    Order Catering for Your Party or Event Here!

    While we offer an extensive catering menu, we also offer Celebration Packages to make it even easier for you to choose the perfect meal for your Christmas celebration. Our Celebration Packages make catering a snap and are available in half pan (serves 10 people) or full pan (serves 20 people) options and all come with our famous house-baked bread.

    • Celebration Package 1: Choice of salad (Mixed Green Salad or a Caesar Salad) and choice of two pastas (Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Penne alla Vodka, Baked Ziti, or Ravioli al Pomodoro)
    • Celebration Package 2: Choice of salad (Mixed Green Salad or a Caesar Salad), choice of one pasta (Spaghetti Marinara or Fettuccine Alfredo), choice of one entree (Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Marsala, or Chicken Limone)
    • Celebration Package 3: Choice of salad (Mixed Green Salad or a Caesar Salad), choice of one pasta (Penne al Forno, Baked Ziti, Baked Rigatoni, or Lasagna), choice of one dessert (Chocolate Chip Cannoli or Cookies & Brownies)
    • Celebration Package 4: Choice of salad (Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad, or Apple Gorgonzola Salad), choice of two pastas (PenneSan Remo, Penne Basilica, Baked Ziti, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, Baked Rigatoni, or Penne alla Vodka), choice of one entree (Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Marsala, or Chicken Limone), choice of one dessert (Chocolate Chip Cannoli, Cookies & Brownies, or Tiramisu)

    With Buca Christmas catering, you don’t have to worry about a thing! We even provide you with plastic plates, utensils, and napkins with every order so nothing will stand between your guests and our freshly prepared offerings. Whether you’re planning a Christmas dinner for your immediate family, your entire extended family and all of your friends, or your coworkers and employees, let Buca di Beppo cater it so you can spend more time enjoying it! Still not sure what you should order? Our Catering Specialists are here to help you plan out every detail. Call us today and we can start working with you to coordinate a perfect Christmas meal.

    Order Catering for Your Party or Event Here!

  • Buca Gift Cards Come in Multiple Sizes and Styles to Fit Everyone on Your List

    Restaurant Gift Cards

    Get your holiday shopping done in a snap with Buca di Beppo gift cards. Who’s buying gift cards? Everybody! No longer the sign of an impersonal gift, a gift card is a hot commodity, but the types of gift cards shoppers are giving as gifts are changing. According to CardCash, physical gift card purchases are growing at an annual rate of 6%, but digital gift cards are growing at an annual rate of 200%, with e-gifting sales expected to hit $10 billion this year and $14 billion in 2017, when it will comprise nearly 10% of the gift card market! That’s why Buca offers both types!

    Give the Gift of Buca.  Order Your Gift Cards Here!

    Come in and dine with us for lunch or dinner today and you can pick up your gift cards while you’re here. You can also order traditional plastic gift cards or e-gift cards online and even include a personalized message with each gift card. We make it easy and fast to buy and ship so you can take care of everyone on your list with a few keyboard clicks. Our traditional gift cards can be personalized with your own special greeting, are available with three convenient shipping options, and can be redeemed at any participating Buca di Beppo restaurant in the United States. We can mail your traditional, plastic gift cards to your recipient or to you, whichever you prefer.

    Our e-gift cards can be personalized with one of our gift card designs or with your own photo and message. Choose immediate delivery or a future email delivery date and then the recipient will receive a beautiful, full-color, personalized e-gift card that can be redeemed at any participating Buca di Beppo restaurant in the United States. Buca gift cards never have expiration dates or service fees, and e-gift cards have no shipping costs or delivery fees. Plus, we currently have an amazing offer for you! For every $50 gift card purchase, you will receive a $10 reward card that is valid from January 1, 2017 – February 28, 2017!

    Buca gift cards make the best holiday gift for friends, family members, employees, co-workers, and everyone else on your list. Give the gift of Buca and you give the gift of delicious pasta, plentiful portions, and stellar service, all in our restaurant’s unforgettable atmosphere. A Buca gift card is an opportunity to get together with friends and family, make new memories, and celebrate all that life has to offer. Plus, a Buca a gift card is much neater than trying to wrap a plate of our spaghetti and meatballs!

    Give the Gift of Buca.  Order Your Gift Cards Here!