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  • Banquet Room Space Available for Your Event

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    Thanks to our special private banquet rooms, our restaurants are always party-ready. Buca di Beppo is the perfect place if you are looking for a banquet-style venue that can accommodate any size group and has a menu diverse enough to please to everybody involved. Our family-friendly restaurants are the perfect backdrop to gather, unwind and enjoy a very delizioso meal. With platters of antipasti and pasta entrées meant to share and able to feed four or more, it’s easy to satisfy large parties at Buca di Beppo. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a personal achievement or perhaps some upcoming nuptials we have everything you need for an awesome event already in our restaurant!

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    Before any food arrives at your table, you and your guests will be wowed by Buca’s incredible atmosphere. Our restaurants are elaborately decorated with lots of framed photos, vintage posters, café lights and carved fountains. Our banquet room interiors combine the look of an authentic Italian bistro with your favorite neighborhood hangout. This setup is sure to put your guests at ease even before the celebratory Chianti is uncorked!

    In terms of what you and your guests should order at your event (besides a refreshing Italian wine), we always recommend appetizers such as basil-topped Mozzarella Caprese or fresh, crusty Galric Bread to help tide everybody over until the well-portioned entrées arrive. In terms of pastas and other main courses, we’ve got chicken, seafood, veal, vegetarian dishes like Eggplant Parmigiana and more. Finally, no banquet event is complete without dessert such as our chocolate-drizzled Cannoli or hazelnut Tiramisu made with mascarpone, espresso, rum and homemade ladyfingers.    

    Most Buca di Beppo dining rooms have a theme so that you can choose which room best complements your event. We have a Pope Room with a large round table, a Chef’s Table for foodie events, a wine room for vino enthusiasts and a poster room for those looking for classic Italian details. When you reserve a banquet room or one of Buca di Beppo’s charming themed-rooms for any occasion at any of our locations, our amazing staff can help take care of everything from the decorating to entertainment. We promise to make sure that all event attendees have a dazzling time!

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  • What’s the Pope Room?

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    The Pope is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Catholic Church worldwide. His ecclesiastical jurisdiction, the Diocese of Rome, is often called “the Holy See.” In addition to the religious power he wields, the pope is also the political head of state of Vatican City, a sovereign city-state entirely enclaved within Italy’s capital city. The papacy is one of the most enduring institutions in the world and has played a prominent part in world history – Italian history especially. In ancient times, popes helped spread Christianity and settle doctrinal disputes. In the middle ages, they were involved in the secular development of Western Europe as well, often acting as arbitrators between Christian monarchs. Currently, in addition to the expansion of the Christian faith and doctrine, the popes stay involved in interfaith dialog, charitable work and the defense of human rights. Pope Francis has been in the headlines a lot since his papacy began in 2013. He may be Argentinian but, judging from his peaceful yet down-to-earth demeanor, we’d say the Italian way of life is starting to rub off on him.

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    Though the Pope’s power is now mostly religious, we think that there’s no better way to trace the history of Italy than by reviewing the lineage of popes. Even today, Vatican City is an epicenter of Italian culture. That’s why every Buca di Beppo Restaurant has a Pope Room decorated with statues, photographs and other artistic representations of popes past and present plus souvenirs straight from the Vatican! Each Pope Room is furnished with a single round table, large enough to seat 12 to 18 people. A “lazy susan” sits in the middle of the table, making it easy for diners to share fresh breads, colorful salads and big bowls of our signature pastas. We highly suggest the Pope Room for most any occasion!  

    Father’s Day

    The Italian word for Pope is “Papa” which also means father! If that doesn’t prove that the Pope Room is the perfect place to go for a Father’s Day lunch or dinner, then we don’t know what does.

    First Communion

    The First Communion is a big day in a child’s life! It should be celebrated Vatican-style with lots of food and family fun. That’s exactly what you’ll get in this themed room along with excellent service and a whimsical atmosphere.

    Family Night Out

    Hosting a family reunion this summer? Reuniting with some relatives you haven’t seen in a while? With its huge family table, the Pope Room is perfect for private family meals. Since everyone can see everyone else, it’s easy to make the most out of your time together at the Pope Room’s round table.

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  • Last Fling Before the Ring with Bachelorette Parties at Buca!

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    Some nights that whole “bride diet” thing just has to go out the window and the Bachelorette Party is one of those nights! Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant is a great venue for a more relaxing bachelorette party and our party pan options are perfect for a house party or a pre-party, in-home dinner. With our authentic menu and our eclectic décor, Buca is a fitting destination or catering choice for an Italian (or Italy-loving) bride and her bridesmaids.

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    Host a Bachelorette Party Banquet    

    One of the biggest benefits to hosting a “last fling before the ring” with Buca’s help is our party planning experience. We’ll handle as much or as little of the party set-up as you want from planning the menu and decorating the room to cleaning up when the fun is done. Planning a wedding is enough hard work as it is. At Buca di Beppo, we make it easy to put together an awesome bachelorette bash. We can accommodate groups of all sizes in our banquet rooms or at our Chef’s Table. Going through three or four separate businesses in order to make arrangements for the party venue, food, décor and entertainment is time-consuming and impractical. We can provide it all! Thanks to our Italian heritage, we just have a knack for celebrating fabulously!

    Our menu includes antipasti, salads, pasta, other classic Italian entrées and simply delish desserts and they’re all served family-style and ready to share! There are also many light and healthy options for those who’d like to stick to their pre-wedding diet plan. Whatever you and your girls order can be enhanced with a little something from our wine list or cocktail menu. Try some of our signature “Ciao!” wine, straight from Tuscany, a bubbly peach Bellini, an elegant mojito or a glass of homemade sangria to really kick the wedding festivities off in style.  

    Take the Party Home with Pans To-Go

    If the future Mrs. would prefer a more private, homey setting for her party, one of Buca’s Party Pans or pre-set catering selections may be the best option. These pans are also pretty handy for surprise bachelorette get-togethers and low-key bachelorette lunches. Our party pans can be delivered right to the venue as long as it is located within 10 miles of the nearest Buca restaurant. All takeaway and delivery catering orders include free plates, napkins, serving utensils and eating utensils so that the party doesn’t have to pause for clean-up and dish duty. We strongly recommend ordering one of our yummy dessert trays with whichever entrées you select. Though we can’t promise any cookies baked into naughty shapes, we can promise a delicious ending to a memorable, pre-matrimonial evening!

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  • Say “I Do” to an Italian Rehearsal Dinner

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    Finding the right location or restaurant to host your rehearsal dinner is almost as important as finding the perfect wedding venue. The rehearsal dinner is a time to get a little quirky and express some personality. It’s a time for forget about age-old wedding traditions and family expectations and let loose a bit. It’s an opportunity to share something special with your favorite guests and have a little “pre-party” before the big day. A rehearsal dinner that runs smoothly is always a good sign. With decades of event hosting experience, Buca di Beppo is an ideal rehearsal dinner venue or caterer choice. Whether you are looking to host your event in a banquet hall or in a smaller private room, we’re happy to accommodate you and your guests.

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    When choosing a rehearsal dinner site, you want to make sure it sets just the right tone for your wedding ceremony and festivities. Our restaurants are charmingly decorated with lots of framed photos, draperies and fountains. They combine the look of a quaint bistro with elements of a lavish Italian piazza. With private dining rooms available, we are able to host small, medium and large wedding parties. Our staff will make sure to take care of your guests and be attentive to all your needs. In short, you can rest assured when you choose us for your rehearsal dinner location that we will be able to accommodate your every need. Opting to carry out some Party Pans rather than book a private room has its own set of benefits. With these large to-go pans, you can set up an incredible Italian dinner in the comfort of your own home or in the venue of your choice.

    Now, we couldn’t talk about hosting your rehearsal dinner with us without describing our delicious, authentic Italian food. Good Italian food just brings people together. What better way to bring two families together than by serving family-style food that is easily sharable and incredibly crave-able? Order cocktails and appetizers to get the party started then move onto a salad course featuring a famous di Beppo insalate or move straight to the entrees! Our unforgettable entrees are everything you could want in an Italian dinner – fresh, hearty and, of course, homemade. Call our wedding specialists or contact us online today to start planning your event!

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  • Off-Premises Catering with Pizzazz

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    Getting ready to host a large meal? Delicious, authentic Italian food goes great with every gathering! From family reunions and football parties to birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers, a feast of real Italian fare is sure to satisfy.

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    Cooking side dishes days in advance and washing an endless stream of dishes is fine during the holiday season but now that it’s over, your kitchen needs a break and so do you. Let Buca handle all the details! We’ll even provide the plates and forks. With our catering and carry out pan options, offering your friends and family a full Italian buffet is easy! As one of the top Italian restaurants for catering, Buca di Beppo is perfect for events of all themes and sizes. Whether you’re hosting a small family affair, a private party for your close friends or a big neighborhood blowout, Buca can provide all the entrées, sides and beverages your guests will want during the shindig. Our authentic Italian cuisine is available in half and full party pans so you can tailor your take out order to fit your specific needs. Pick up some creamy “Chicken Glorioso” for the carnivores of the group and a half pan of one of our rich vegetarian choices such as Penne alla Vodka for the non-meat eaters.  

    Our large party pans each feed up to 20 hungry house guests and our pre-set celebratory catering packages let you provide your guests with a very satisfying multi-course meal. The basic package includes either a mixed green or Caesar salad, two pasta trays and homemade bread, plus free disposable plates and utensils. Alternatively, you can build your own custom catering package by combing full trays, half trays, drinks, desserts and more. Adding desserts to any of our catering options guarantees that all your guests’ cravings are satisfied, from start to finish! We can bring fresh baked cookies, brownies and even our fluffy-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside chocolate chip cannoli. Everyone social gathering needs a little something sweet and our dessert trays definitely do the trick!    

    Delivery and set up service is available within 10 miles of all Buca restaurants. If you’d rather pick up the party trays yourself, our staff will gladly transport the trays to your vehicle outside. The staff at Buca would also be happy to offer party ideas and serving tips. Our experienced employees can accept orders online or by phone months, weeks or mere hours before an event begins. Smaller same-day takeaway orders are guaranteed to be ready within three hours of your call with the exception of some items needing 24 hours notice..

    When we take on a consumer catering project at Buca di Beppo, we make it our mission is to take the stress out of feeding a crowd, so all the host has left to do is relax, have fun and dine like the Italians do!  

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  • Bridal Showers

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    We all know the phrase, “something borrowed, something Buca.” Isn’t that how it goes? If not, it should be. Buca di Beppo restaurants are ideal bridal shower venues and our takeaway catering trays are a great party food option for an at-home shower. 

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    Planning a wedding is a lot of fun but it can also be stressful. With all the events that precede the big day – from the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner and more – selecting the right food for every occasion can be quite a hassle. Why not sit back and let Buca handle some of the menu planning? When a close group of friends plans a bridal shower with Buca di Beppo, you know it’s going to be fun and you definitely know that, after the bride herself, the food is going to be the star!

    Our events have a reputation of completely capturing Italy’s knack for celebrating in style! With our festive, eclectic décor and our authentic menu of salads, pastas and sides, the bride-to-be and her guests are able to enjoy a real Italian celebration without ever opening her passport. The minute you walk into Buca, you know you are in for a memorable dining experience. Ornate sculptures and fountains are at every turn, so decorations are more or less taken care of. Our entire menu, including many tasty antipasti options, fresh entrées and decadent desserts, is served family-style and ready to share and a little something from our cocktail menu consisting of homemade Sangria, peach bellinis or classic mojitos makes an ideal accompaniment for the hearty meal.

    If the future Mrs. would prefer a more casual setting for her shower, one of Buca’s party pans or a pre-set selection of dishes may be a better option than one of our private rooms. Our party pans can be picked up the same day they’re ordered. They may also be delivered right to the shower venue as long as within 10 miles of the restaurant. All takeaway and delivery catering orders include free plates, napkins, serving utensils and eating utensils. For a bridal shower, we strongly recommend ordering one of our yummy dessert trays, too. Between endless cake tastings and the cake revealed on the big day, the bride and the wedding guests will get enough frosting and cake. A freshly baked brownie, a chocolate chip cookie or a real Italian cannoli, however, could really hit the spot after a beautiful bridal shower! Order online today!     

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  • Buca Hosts Bridal Showers in a Big Way

    Buca Hosts Bridal Showers in a Big Way

    Let Buca di Beppo host a fun and festive bridal shower with authentic Italian dishes and delicious cocktails. Reserve your bridal shower venue today!

    So you’re getting married – congratulations! This is such an exciting time, but we also understand it can be a little bit stressful with wedding preparations and parties to attend. Well, take a deep breath and let your best girlfriends (and Buca) throw you a big, fun-filled bridal shower. It’s your time to relax and shine! 

    If you haven’t figured it out already, Italians are known for doing everything big— big parties, big families and big meals. No matter what the event, food and drink are always the main attraction. That’s why Buca has embraced this wonderful tradition, capturing Italy’s love for celebration in its décor and menu, so you can enjoy an authentic experience without leaving your hometown.

    The minute you walk into Buca, you know you are in for a completely unique and fun dining experience. Festive black and white Italian photos adorn the walls, and ornate sculptures and fountains are at every turn, so there’s no need for bridal shower decorations or games – the venue itself is pure entertainment. The menu has everything from tasty antipasti and fresh salads, to hearty entrées and decadent desserts, all served family-style and perfect for sharing. Of course every bridal shower needs a signature cocktail, and our homemade sangria, peach bellini or classic mojito are all great choices.

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    Bring a Buca Bridal Shower Home

    If you want a more low-key or casual setting for your bridal shower, no problem! Buca can prepare a variety of Party Pans to include all your favorite Italian dishes, delivering everything you need right to your doorstep*.

    *$25 delivery fee, available within a 10-mile radius of restaurant. 

    So if a fun (and big) bridal shower is what you’re looking for, Buca can make it happen. Call your local Buca di Beppo restaurant or contact us online to make a reservation today. If you’re interested in catering your bridal shower, order online at: