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  • Off-Premises Catering with Pizzazz

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    Getting ready to host a large meal? Delicious, authentic Italian food goes great with every gathering! From family reunions and football parties to birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers, a feast of real Italian fare is sure to satisfy.

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    Cooking side dishes days in advance and washing an endless stream of dishes is fine during the holiday season but now that it’s over, your kitchen needs a break and so do you. Let Buca handle all the details! We’ll even provide the plates and forks. With our catering and carry out pan options, offering your friends and family a full Italian buffet is easy! As one of the top Italian restaurants for catering, Buca di Beppo is perfect for events of all themes and sizes. Whether you’re hosting a small family affair, a private party for your close friends or a big neighborhood blowout, Buca can provide all the entrées, sides and beverages your guests will want during the shindig. Our authentic Italian cuisine is available in half and full party pans so you can tailor your take out order to fit your specific needs. Pick up some creamy “Chicken Glorioso” for the carnivores of the group and a half pan of one of our rich vegetarian choices such as Penne alla Vodka for the non-meat eaters.  

    Our large party pans each feed up to 20 hungry house guests and our pre-set celebratory catering packages let you provide your guests with a very satisfying multi-course meal. The basic package includes either a mixed green or Caesar salad, two pasta trays and homemade bread, plus free disposable plates and utensils. Alternatively, you can build your own custom catering package by combing full trays, half trays, drinks, desserts and more. Adding desserts to any of our catering options guarantees that all your guests’ cravings are satisfied, from start to finish! We can bring fresh baked cookies, brownies and even our fluffy-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside chocolate chip cannoli. Everyone social gathering needs a little something sweet and our dessert trays definitely do the trick!    

    Delivery and set up service is available within 10 miles of all Buca restaurants. If you’d rather pick up the party trays yourself, our staff will gladly transport the trays to your vehicle outside. The staff at Buca would also be happy to offer party ideas and serving tips. Our experienced employees can accept orders online or by phone months, weeks or mere hours before an event begins. Smaller same-day takeaway orders are guaranteed to be ready within three hours of your call with the exception of some items needing 24 hours notice..

    When we take on a consumer catering project at Buca di Beppo, we make it our mission is to take the stress out of feeding a crowd, so all the host has left to do is relax, have fun and dine like the Italians do!  

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  • Outstanding Corporate Catering

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    If nothing else, our many years of catering business luncheons and large corporate seminars have taught us one thing: the more well-fed your employees are, the better they work! A hungry worker is not a happy worker. Our authentic Italian cuisine is satisfying brain food which means its great fuel for productive brainstorming sessions and important presentations.   

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    Corporate Meetings

    Foregoing a lunch break to attend a lunch meeting doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. In fact, with plenty of delicious Italian dishes to go around, a lunch meeting can be a real treat and allow you to get a lot of extra work done in a single day. Whether you’d like to plan a low-key company meeting right in your office, a huge corporate gathering in a separate convention center or a small lunch in one of our restaurants, we can accommodate your needs. Our wonderful staff would be happy to help you work out a menu to suit everybody’s tastes. We can even deliver full entrée pans directly to your worksite. Our basic Party Pans to go package (which works perfectly for work functions, too – not just parties) consists of a fresh salad pan, pastas and an assortment of homemade bread. All of our to-go pans come with disposable plates and cutlery so there’s no need to sacrifice time cleaning up after a meeting.      

    Office Parties

    There’s always something to celebrate in an office environment whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or a big business development and we’d love to help you celebrate Italian-style. Throw a smash of a birthday bash or a “just because” party to show how much you appreciate your employees’ hard work and dedication. What better way to show people the appreciation they deserve than with a yummy meal from Buca di Beppo? Our popular Party Pans aren’t just for lunch meetings. They come in an assortment of tasty Italian dishes such as zesty ziti and classic spaghetti and, since just one pan feeds up 20 people, it’s large enough to feed the whole company!

    Want to get out of the office? No problem! Our festive semi-private dining rooms offer the perfect space for your company soiree. Buca’s diverse menu and banquet packages can accommodate groups of all sizes, and because our food is served family-style, sharing with co-workers is easy and convenient. From our savory Stuffed Mushrooms to cheesy ravioli and scrumptious desserts, the combination possibilities are endless. Our eclectic on-site dining rooms are warm and inviting. You’ll be able to choose between a comfortable booth and a big communal table, depending on your party’s needs. Our lively and professional wait staff is ready to take care of and entertain your co-workers, assuring that everyone involved has an over-the-top good time!  

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  • Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week at Buca


    Administrative professionals are the glue to any business. They work hard every day to keep many businesses running smoothly and efficiently. From finding solutions to resource issues and coordinating important meetings, to handling technical needs and scheduling company-wide events, let’s be honest ­– administrative professionals are the ultimate multi-taskers!

    To recognize what these very special employees do for their companies, one week out of the year (usually in spring) is officially designated as Administrative Professionals Week. It is during this week that managers and executives take time out of their busy schedules to show how much they appreciate their employees’ hard work and dedication. So what better way to show your gratitude than by hosting an over-the-top lunch at one of the best celebration restaurants – Buca di Beppo.

    From the minute you walk into a Buca di Beppo restaurant, you are welcomed with hundreds of vintage photos and unique statues and fountains in every direction. It’s as if you’ve stepped into a small museum! Our eclectic dining rooms are warm and inviting, offering the choice of comfortable booths for smaller gatherings, or communal tables for larger groups. Our lively and professional staff members are ready to pamper, assuring that you and your administrative assistant’s experience is one to remember.

    Let’s not forget about the food! From cheesy artichoke dip and savory stuffed mushrooms to Buca’s 1893 signature salad and more, the choices are endless. We offer more than 35 scrumptious Italian entrées, including traditional baked pastas, zesty pizzas with tons of toppings, and for lighter fare, delightful seafood and chicken dishes. And the best part, all our dishes are served family-style and perfect for sharing!

    As for dessert, your special lunch won’t be complete without one of our homemade treats. From creamy cheesecake to gooey chocolate cake, our desserts are simply to die for! Now that’s what Buca calls an over-the-top lunch!

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    Plan an Office Party for Administrative Professionals Day

    As a manager, how many times have you said, “I don’t know what I would do without my administrative assistant!” Not only do they bring order to the office, they anticipate your needs, remind you of important birthdays and anniversaries, and even pick up your dry cleaning?! So for this very important day, make them feel appreciated for all their efforts and throw a Buca di Beppo office party! Our popular Party Pans come in an assortment of tasty Italian dishes and are large enough to feed a small (even large!) company. Buca even delivers* right to your office!

    Want to get out of the office? No problem! Our festive semi-private dining rooms offer the perfect space for your company gathering. Buca’s diverse menu and banquet packages can accommodate groups of all sizes, and with our authentic family-style Italian dishes, sharing with your co-workers is easy and convenient.

    To celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in a big way, call your local Buca di Beppo, or reserve your table or Party Pans online.

    *10-mile radius, $25 delivery fee.