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  • Buca Catering Means More Time to Do What You Love This Thanksgiving


    Is your calendar filling up fast for the next few months? Do you have a million things to do and events to attend? We want to help you with your “To Do” list by catering your Thanksgiving meal. That means you can cross off “plan menu,” “shop for ingredients,” “prepare turkey, sides and dessert,” and even “wash 7 sink loads of dishes.” With Buca in charge of your meal, you can spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you want to do, like holiday shopping! 

    Order Thanksgiving Catering from Buca for Your Business Party, Thanksgiving Meal and More.

    A catered Buca Thanksgiving Feast* means everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving and no one will be stressing about how the turkey will turn out this year. We provide all the traditional Thanksgiving meal items like (perfectly cooked) sliced white meat turkey, homestyle gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and of course, pumpkin pie. We can also add a bit of Italian flair to your meal by pairing the delicious Thanksgiving Feast items with some of our regular menu items. Add pastas, fresh salads, and mouth-watering garlic bread to create a catered meal customized for your guests.

    With Buca Thanksgiving catering, you don’t have to worry about a thing! We even provide you with plastic plates, utensils, and napkins with every order so nothing will stand between your guests and our freshly prepared offerings. Thanksgiving is definitely about food, but it is also about family. This year, instead of running around town with a grocery list, spending the day away from your family in a hot kitchen preparing a full menu, and doing endless amounts of dishes, let the chefs at Buca di Beppo do what they do best. We will provide you with a turkey dinner and all the trimmings and any additional family-style Italian entrees you’d like to add to your meal. Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner for your immediate family or your entire extended family and all of your friends, let Buca di Beppo cater it so you can spend more time enjoying it! Spend your valuable time doing the things you want to do this Thanksgiving, like spending time with your out of town guests and finding the best Black Friday deals!

    Don’t forget to invite Buca to all of your work Thanksgiving events as well. Don’t make everyone bring dishes back and forth for a potluck! Let Buca take care of all of your coworkers and employees by catering your meal. Everyone will be delighted by all the delicious dishes we offer and we offer multiple dietary options (including vegetarian and gluten-free) so no one is left out. From a variety of salads and entrees to desserts and drinks, we can take care of everything. We even provide all the necessary additions such as plates, silverware, and napkins. A catered meal from Buca is a wonderful way to show your staff how much they mean to you and the company. Let us know the date and number of attendees and we can start working with you to coordinate and plan the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

    * Available November 16th – 25th. Our Half Pans ($179.99) serve 10 adults and our Full Pans ($349.99) serves 20 adults. Call now to pre-order!

    Order Thanksgiving Catering from Buca for Your Business Party, Thanksgiving Meal and More.

  • Planning a Halloween Party? Don’t Forget to Invite Buca!


    As the end of October rolls around, adults and kids are focused on the fun of Halloween. Kids are dreaming about the sweet treats they will find in their bag after an evening of trick or treating and adults heading to a costume party might be wondering who will win the contests.

    Make a Reservation at Buca today or Order Catering for Your Halloween Party Here!

    Trick or treating with little ones

    When you are deciding on you and your family’s costumes, think about comfort and safety. Wear comfortable shoes and use reflective tape, glow sticks, and flashlights to be sure that your candy cruising crew will be well seen. Opt for face makeup, rather than masks for comfort and unobstructed views. In the days leading up to Halloween, discuss safety measures with your children, such as walking in well-lit areas, crossing the road, and watching for cars.

    Hosting an adult costume party

    You never outgrow the fun of Halloween! Many adults head off to adults only costume parties every Halloween (or say every year “we should really host one of those”). This year is the year to make it happen! Make sure you have plenty of decorations hung, games planned, and that everyone is safely driving home if cocktails are being consumed.

    Ghosts and ghouls can’t live on candy alone

    It doesn’t matter if your guests are little princesses or giant pirates, no party is complete without the right menu. Offer a variety of yummy options with easy and delicious Buca catering. A buffet full of Italian specialties will beckon your guests to grab whatever they like as they enjoy the party. A balanced meal will help prevent crazy blood sugar spikes and crashes from mini-candy binges in little ones and adults need to fuel up for their all night dance party! This Halloween, gather all your friends, family, and neighbors for a tasty treat before heading out to ring doorbells. With Buca catering or Buca To-Go, no one will have to make dinner and everyone can check out each other’s costumes before heading out to search for candy. This is also a great time to get some group pictures while everyone’s freshly attired and not yet running in all directions.

    With a little planning this year can be the best Halloween ever. Let Buca take care of your pre-trick or treating meal or costume party buffet so everyone can focus on having a spooky, fun night together!

    Make a Reservation at Buca today or Order Catering for Your Halloween Party Here!

  • Don’t Wait! Start Planning Your Holiday Events with Buca Today!

    early bird holiday catering

    Believe it or not, it is time to start planning your holiday events. From sit-down corporate holiday dinners to informal family gatherings, it’s never too early to start organizing all of the details. The size, complexity and type of celebration you are hosting will determine the amount of preparation necessary. For example, a family dinner for 10 people may only take a few hours to plan but a large scale company party will require several weeks. Give yourself ample time to put together the best holiday party this year, start your holiday planning today! Here are a few advantages to early holiday event planning:

    Get Started Early and Order Your Holiday Catering Today!

    Greater Turn Out Rate

    The sooner you send out your invitations or “Save the Date” cards, the higher the probability that your guests will not already have another scheduled event. You should then send the official invitation with RSVP closer to the event date. Be sure the guest/spouse/significant other is included on the invitation.

    Choice of the Best Venues

    Early party planners have the best choices when it comes to selecting their venues, catering, and entertainment companies. The longer you wait to confirm your details, the less likely you will be able to put together the event experience you originally envisioned. No one wants to be stuck hosting their holiday party in the corporate office because all other possible venues were booked. Booking and planning before the holiday rush can also be a better financial choice, since prices often increase along with demand.

    Choice of the Best Food

    Corporate holiday events mean you need to show your team that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. Family holiday events are especially memorable as sometimes it is the only time of the year all family members are together. Both type of events require plentiful portions of food that everyone loves. So skip the stuffy steakhouses and the restaurant around the corner where everyone goes for lunch each week and choose a truly special menu. Buca di Beppo knows how to make every event feel special. From corporate party catering to warm family gatherings in our welcoming restaurants, Buca is the perfect choice for all of your holiday events.

    Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season sets in, call us to discuss all of your reservation and catering options. Are you wanting to celebrate at your home? We can’t wait to tell you about all of our amazing catering packages. Are you wanting to celebrate at a restaurant where you know the service will never disappoint? You know that our staff is here to serve. Wherever you choose to host your event, choose a team you can trust. At Buca di Beppo, we consistently provide delicious Italian dishes and truly care about your event. Don’t leave something as important as your holiday menu to chance! Contact us today!

    Get Started Early and Order Your Holiday Catering Today!

  • Big Games = Big Appetites


    Invite Buca to All of Your Tailgating and Homegating Parties This Year

    Cheering on your favorite football team really builds up a hunger! That’s why thousands of Americans choose to tailgate in stadium and arena parking lots every weekend. They snack, mingle, and play games with their friends, family, and fellow fans before hitting the bleachers to cheer on their favorite teams. Whether you are a “true” tailgater hanging out in the open tailgate of your vehicle or you arrive with a trailer full of tents and TVs, one thing’s for sure…everyone’s going to be hungry. That’s why you want to make sure to invite the star of the show, Buca di Beppo!

    Order Catering from Buca for Your Next Tail Gating or Party!

    Our Half Party Pans feed up to 10 adults and our Full Party Pans serve up to 20. Our Italian Feast Packages are always a hit or you can customize your order to include the exact selection and sizes of salads, entrees, side dishes, and desserts specifically suited for your crowd. No matter the size of your tailgate party, Buca catering will make your spot the envy of the parking lot. As a matter of fact, with food this good, some of your fellow fans may never even enter the stadium!

    Don’t feel like paying big bucks for a ticket, packing up the car, and fighting traffic to the arena with thousands of your closest friends? How about homegating? Haven’t heard of it? With homegating you enjoy all the energy and thrill of tailgating, but you host your gathering in your own home. The comfortable alternative of your flat-screen TV and nearby bathrooms can outweigh the work of hauling everything to a parking lot, braving the elements, and awkwardly balancing your plate for even the most fanatical football fans.

    Whether you’re planning on spending the day at the stadium or hosting a football party at your house, let Buca cater your party so you can focus on having fun with your friends and family while cheering your favorite team to victory! Our hassle-free catering options allow you to focus on the festivities, not hover over a grill or spend all your time in the kitchen. We also provide all the necessary dining ware (plastic plates, utensils, and napkins) to accompany your order. From planning to cooking, setting up to cleaning, Buca catering packages are guaranteed to be a touchdown at the next big game. Call us or fill out an online order form today and score major points with all of the guests at your next tailgating or homegating party.

    Order Catering from Buca for Your Next Tail Gating or Party!



  • Pack a Basketful of Buca: Labor Day Picnics

    Labor Day Catering Ideas

    This three day weekend celebrates the American worker (yay!) and unofficially marks the end to summer (boo!) There’s lots more to cheer about: NCAA teams’ first games, the NASCAR Southern 500, and the NHRA U.S. Nationals all occur on Labor Day weekend. It’s also the perfect time to get in a final summer party or picnic.

    Cater Your Labor Day Picnic, Party or Event with Buca!  Click Here to Make a Reservation!

    Be sure your picnic has the three American classics: salads, macaroni, and chicken…with an Italian flair!  Our Chopped Antipasti Salad is a delicious combination of pepperoni, red onions, pepperoncini peppers, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, black and green olives, provolone, feta, and Gorgonzola. Our Apple Gorgonzola Salad is a mouthwatering mix of Granny Smith apples, spiced walnuts, dried cranberries and Gorgonzola. Each salad features mixed lettuce and is tossed in our signature Italian vinaigrette. Our Macaroni and Cheese (cavatappi in a creamy cheese sauce) will delight even the pickiest of eaters and our Macaroni Rosa is a slightly more sophisticated version of the favorite. Not your traditional macaroni, this entree features cavatappi spiral pasta topped with chicken, broccoli, peas, mushrooms and our famous red sauce. Speaking of chicken, why have cold fried chicken when you can have dreamy Chicken Parmigiana (topped with our homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella), Chicken Marsala (simmered with mushrooms in a traditional Marsala wine reduction), Chicken Limone (sauteed in lemon butter sauce and capers) and Chicken Saltimbocca (topped with prosciutto and sage, served with artichoke hearts, lemon, capers and lemon butter sauce)?

    Feature a variety of Italian favorites for a truly memorable party or picnic. When you choose Buca, you know you are going to get great food that everyone will love. Our Celebration Packages feature a mixed green or Caesar salad, fresh made house bread, and a wide selection of entrees or you can create your own combinations from our catering menu. A single full-size Party Pan serves 20 adults and we can also provide beverages and desserts. With hundreds of delicious options, you simply choose your menu and we take care of the rest!

    Invite Buca to your Labor Day parties and picnics and we will bring your catering order to any park, backyard, or outdoor venue within 10 miles of one of our local restaurants. (Check store locations for specific details.) We will also provide napkins, plates, and utensils so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any details for your family or guests. This Labor Day weekend spend more time enjoying your parties and picnics and less time planning and preparing the menu. For an easy, successful party or picnic packed full of delicious favorites, call or order Buca online today!

    Cater Your Labor Day Picnic, Party or Event with Buca!  Click Here to Make a Reservation!





  • Enjoy Gold Medal Dishes While You Watch the Games


    It only comes around every four years and you don’t want to miss a minute of the action. Don’t spend a single second in the kitchen, away from your family and friends. Let Buca cater your viewing party of the Games so you can focus on giving your favorite team your undivided attention and cheers! We can bring all your selections anywhere within a 10 mile radius of one of our restaurants and we always provide everything you need to enjoy your meal the second it arrives. Disposable plates, utensils, and napkins make serving and cleanup a breeze so you won’t be fumbling for silverware or spending hours cleaning up after your guests leave. Call or fill out our easy online form today to place your catering order so you and your guests don’t miss a minute of your cheerleading duties. We can even provide beverages to quench everyone’s thirsts after all that yelling!

     Bring Home the Gold Medal and Order Buca Catering Today!

    If you’ve been invited to a viewing party where guests are encouraged to bring a dish, pick up a Party Pan from Buca on your way. Our Party Pans feed 20 adults and can be ready according to your schedule. Give us a call, then simply swing by to grab your order and you’ll be the most popular person at the potluck! Having a smaller gathering at home? Carry out a few of your favorites and set up a picnic in front of your living room television.

    No matter where you are watching the Games, we can accommodate any sized gathering or appetites, from Buca Smalls (serves 2-3), to Buca Larges (serves up to 5), to Half Pans (feeds 10), and Full Pans (feeds 20). Mix and match to create your perfectly customized feast or order one of our celebration packages…and don’t forget dessert! No matter how much everyone enjoys their Italian pastas and entrees, they’ll always have room for a few selections from a tray of our delicious cakes and cannoli. 

    Your guests will love cheering on their favorite competitors and teams while enjoying plates full of Spaghetti Marinara, Chicken Limone, Eggplant Parmigiana, Caesar Salads, fresh bread, and dozens of other Italian specialties. Call Buca today and place your catering or carryout orders for the hottest two weeks in sports!

     Bring Home the Gold Medal and Order Buca Catering Today!

  • Celebrate July 4th by Declaring Your Independence from the Grill: Enjoy a Buca di Beppo Italian Feast


    Catering for 4th of July

    On July 4, 1776, 56 members of the Second Continental Congress adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence has become one of the most important political documents of all time and every year on July 4th Americans celebrate their independence with great shows of patriotism. Flags are flown and many military speeches, pageants, and events are planned. Mornings are filled with parades and the night skies are filled with fireworks.

    Order 4th of July Catering from Buca today!

    This year the festivities will span a long weekend, and all of these fun events can really work up an appetite. A traditional barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, and apple pie may be on your agenda, but that’s a single meal in a long, active weekend. Or maybe you dread the thought of standing over an open flame on one of the hottest days of the year? Let Buca help you with one or all of your meals this 4th of July weekend.

    Come Visit Us at Your Favorite Location

    Relax and let Buca host your celebration by providing you with attentive service and delectable family-style portions in our fun, eclectic setting. You may be spending a majority of your holiday vacation outside, so come enjoy a meal in the air conditioning.

    Let Us Bring Our Specialties to You

    Whether you’re looking to bring people together at your home or setup a picnic with family and friends, Buca can help you put together some delicious catering options.

    We recommend a combination of classic favorites and a few of our lighter summer specials…and don’t forget the cookies and brownies!

    Pick Up Some Party Pans on Your Way to an Event

    Our large Party Pans, available for pick-up, feed up to 20 hungry party-goers. Choose from our massive menu of full trays, half trays, drinks, and desserts. One of our most loved dishes to take to 4th of July events is our Macaroni and Cheese. Everyone loves this barbecue staple making it an obvious addition to any table or picnic blanket.

    This 4th of July weekend let Buca take care of an entire meal or provide a few sides for your picnic. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time cheering on your favorite baseball team or relaxing before the big firework show. Give us a call today to discuss your reservation, catering, and pick up options.

    Order 4th of July Catering from Buca today!









  • Memorial Day: A Day of Honor and Remembrance

    Memorial Day Catering

    Borne out of the Civil War, Memorial Day commemorates the men and women of our armed forces who gave their lives in service to our country. On the last Monday in May, Americans participate in events in a show of respect to those who gave their lives for our freedoms. Many attend town parades, events, and memorial services and place flags or flowers on the graves of the fallen. Homes and businesses are patriotically decorated in red, white and blue. United States flags are flown at half-staff from dawn until noon and POW/MIA flags are often flown as well. Taps is played while Americans pause for the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. in a show of national unity. While this is a day of remembrance it is also a day we thank our current active duty and veteran military for all they have done to protect our country and our freedoms.

    Come into Buca This Memorial Day and Enjoy Delicious Italian Food!

    Memorial Day is also viewed as the official beginning of summer. A day to relax with friends and family, often with a picnic or cookout. Buca wants to help make your Memorial Day truly memorable. Spend more time participating in the day’s events and have more time with those you love by letting us take care of the cooking. Whether you bring the whole family to the restaurant after a parade, let us cater an event honoring veterans, or you pick up Buca to go, we can take the pressure off you for what you’ll cook while you and your guests get to enjoy delicious dishes. If your event is going to be outside, don’t think that Italian food will be “too heavy.” Although we make a mean meatball, we also offer fresh salads, light and lean seafood and chicken entrees, as well as several main and side veggie dishes. Our Party Pans feed 20 adults so gather your gang and invite the neighbors. No need to worry about all the extras like napkins, silverware, and plates. We’ve got you covered! We can even supply the beverages and desserts. Don’t stress about packing a picnic basket and remembering the lighter fluid. Choose Buca instead!

    This Memorial Day weekend, spend time with friends and family and celebrate the brave men and women who have served our country in the military. Call us today for reservations or to create a customized menu for your Memorial Day event.

    Order Memorial Day Catering from Buca Here!

  • Caring for Your Care Providers: Celebrate Nurses ALL Month at Buca!


    National Nurses Day

    Annually celebrated on May 6, National Nurses Day marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, which ends on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. National Nurses Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness to the important role nurses play in society. On the front lines of administering aid and caring for sick or hurt patients, nurses are a patient’s greatest asset and advocate. They provide quality care and emotional support, educate patients, and assist doctors around the clock.

    Celebrate with Buca! Make Your Reservation Here

    A great way for hospital administrators, business colleagues, and patients to show their nursing staff how much they are appreciated is by providing them with a delicious meal. A basic Buca di Beppo catering package is easy to order and feeds up to 40 people! Buca can also work with you to coordinate a customized catered meal for any amount of nurses, from a few at your doctor’s office to an entire hospital. We will bring our mouthwatering, Italian inspired dishes to any location within a 10 mile radius of one of our restaurants and bring all the necessary utensils, napkins, and plates.

    Take care of the wonderful men and women that take care of their patients all day by offering them a moment to put their feet up and enjoy a heaping plate of hearty pastas, fresh salads, and favorite entrees. We can even provide beverages and desserts. While they will of course appreciate your gesture, they will definitely appreciate a thoughtful meal that will fill them up and rejuvenate them for the rest of their shift.

    Sometimes doctors offices and hospitals are too busy to host a catered meal or maybe you want to give your wonderful nurses a break outside of work. Buca di Beppo Gift Cards are redeemable at any Buca restaurant and are available in values from $10 to $200. Drop a card on their desk or send an eGift Card instantly to their inbox. With no expiration date or service fees, they’re convenient for both the giver and the recipient.

    Nurses are selflessly committed to their patients. They face daily physical demands and often spend up to 12 hours at a time on their feet. They work nights, weekends, and holidays. This year take some extra time to show these amazing men and women how much they are appreciated by gifting them with a catered meal or gift certificate from Buca di Beppo. Let’s celebrate ALL month, they deserve it!

    Don’t Want to Come In? Order Catering Here!

  • 4 Ways Buca Can Help You Celebrate Graduation Season

    Graduation Parties

    The clock is ticking to the end of another academic year and for some families that means there is a graduation to celebrate. We have 4 ways to help you celebrate this special time:

    1. Have your Graduation Party at Buca

    Graduation season means it’s time to find that special restaurant and book your big party. This is no time to be quiet and boring. It’s time to let loose and celebrate! At Buca di Beppo we love a party and we know how to make them memorable. Our friendly, professional staff will help you plan the perfect lunch, dinner, or banquet to celebrate that special someone’s big day. We suggest you reserve one of our semi-private dining rooms where your family and friends can comfortably gather at large communal tables and booths to converse and share our family-style dishes.

    1. Have your Graduation Party Catered by Buca

    Our party pans really deliver! A single Party Pan feeds up to 20 adults and we offer Half Pans as well to customize your perfect graduation party menu. Don’t forget dessert! Plain sheet cakes are pretty common at most graduation parties, so make your party extra special with Buca di Beppo fresh baked brownies, cookies, and chocolate chip cannoli. Let Buca provide all the entrées, bread, salad, beverages, and desserts that guests will want after a long graduation ceremony. We will deliver your feast to any location within a 10 mile radius of one of our restaurants and we’ll even handle the dishes by providing plastic plates, silverware, and napkins with any catering order.

    1. Pick Up Buca Carry Out

    Pick up Buca for carry out during this busy season. Graduation is so much more than one ceremony. There are practices, end of the year events, and family in from out of town. Our carry out Party Pans make feeding a hungry crowd easy. Set up an Italian buffet in your home or at one of the numerous graduation events on your calendar.

    1. Gift Certificates for Fellow Graduates, Teachers, and Coaches

    Your graduate will probably be attending many of their friends’ graduation parties so don’t let them show up empty handed. Gift cards and e-gift cards come in values starting at $10 and go up to $200 with no expiration dates or service fees. They’re also a great way to thank teachers and coaches.

    Look no further than Buca for all your graduation celebration needs! To find out more about Buca’s banquet and group packages or to make a reservation, visit us online or call your neighborhood Buca today!

    Celebrate that Grad at Buca. Schedule Your Graduation Party Here!